Cynthia Hermida


About Me

I became interested in art by literature. I like to read and often I would find some reference to classical art, especially Greco-Roman art. Also I liked to see cartoons and Japanese animation, which also helped my interest in art grow. To see art, is to view the world in a different perspective. What I like to do in terms of personal interest and hobbies is to read, write, draw and paint, also doing research. I find it interesting to research some different topics and I like to see how they relate to art. I want to be a graphic designer because I can have the opportunity to combine some of my interest together. I also find it as an opportunity to improve on what I know and be able to work with type in the designing element. From my experience I’m not exactly now what I can bring to graphic design. What I can do now as a student is view the world as if I were a professional in order to make the transition from college to the real world smoother.