About Me

Grew up in a family that nurtured by a father who works part time as a tailor and a mother who own a small grocery store in an average supermarket, how I become across and being interest in art properly pretty unusual. I was born and raised in Sai Gon, Viet Nam. I spent most my childhood life out on the street playing with my relatives rather than focus on study like other kids at my age. I started to get interests in art by came across my cousin's sketchbook. I was amaze and impress by her drawing skills so I decided to draw my own sketchbook. I started off with tracing over a drawing, then draw by observation, and then later by my imagination.

When I came over to the U.S. I had many difficulties yet I still want to take as many art classes as I could since I know that properly the only thing that help me connect with others to fill the gap of communication. Even though I picked architect when I first got into college just because I was confident in my strongest subjects, art and math, later then I realized I was too naive. I found out that architect was too strict for me, I still want to design yet have more freedom, and I was told to try graphic design and I love it ever since.



My way of approach to design depend on the subjects and I don't really follow any certain rules. I learn and pick up ways to do certain things my only way rather than learn a quick way to solve a problem. I feel that by working like that I can remember how to do things and solve cases much more efficient than doing exactly what others show me. Of course I love to learn from others, but it is more like see how they would do it, and can work my way up to achieve a same result so that I can refer back to it much quicker rather than remember theirs step by step. As a person who adopts an aesthetic approach to, say, designing a logo or magazine will choose to include attractive lines and good looks in the finished product in addition to making it have an appearance which is pleasing and worth "a second look". I would design and create things that make people questions, confuses, capture their attention and curiosity so they would pause and spend some time to study and analyze my product even if that last for a few seconds.

Comfortable working with different medium, from using graphite or paints to computer software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc ... Knowledge about design elements, such as color and composition, artistic ability and creativity, good understanding of font families, line-height, tracking, and more. Organize and structure elements on a page so they are clear and guide visitors towards the goal or “conversion”.