The Darknet

What is the DARKNET ana how was it created?

What Lies on the DARKNET of the internet?

According to GOOGLE the Darknet is defined as a computer network with restricted access that is used chiefly for ILLEGAL peer-to-peer sharing

Where is the DARKNET found?

The darkness lies deep belwo the surface web,the surface web is anything that can be indexed by a common search engine.

How was the DARKNET created?

The term DARKNET was coined in the 70’s Historically meant to be a file sharing network. It was used to describe Arpanet, a network created by the U.S. department of defense to share data about projects and research with universities

Why is the DARKNET necessary?

There is constant spying and surveillance ON and BY the government. Many are scared to share leftist or rightist information in fear of being watched.

How is the DARKNET kept private?

The Darknet is kept private through TOR, also known as the onion router, a node based anonyimity network. Originally created by the U.S. Naval Research Lab to protect the communications of the U.S. government personal.