Origin & Significance

Intro to Memes

The actual word "meme" was coined by Richard Dawkins, from his 1976 publication "The Selfish Gene"

This body of work revolved around the psychological phenomenon of the spread of ideas or behavior from person to person within a culture. There are 3 conditions that Dawkins noted MUST exist for the evolution of a meme to occur, or rather, for the distribution of ideas and behavior to take place from person to person within a culture.

Dawkins noted the three conditions that must exist for evolution to occur:

1. Variation, or the introduction of new change to existing elements;

2. Heredity or replication, or the capacity to create copies of elements;

3. Differential "fitness", or the opportunity for one element to be more or less suited to the environment than another.

Here you will find a video of very early meme comic faces that stem from pop culture references and icons, where these faces become the relatable emotion used by people to create relatable content. This is the idea of "variation, or new change to existing elements".

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