The lightest, most portable, and most technologically advanced bike out there! Introducing the Compak Bike. Made of sturdy light material, it folds and contracts for easy carry. Just one of our many great features.


This is a bicycle that folds and contracts to fit with a backpack or as a backpack itself, making it much more portable than the average bike. This bike is made out of magnesium alloy which takes care of the weight problem while keeping the reliability of the sturdiness. It’s advanced ball bearings and magnets around the wheel help the momentum of the bike. This bike has similar features you would find in a car such as a speedometer, GPS, blind spot warning, and more. These features make the bike perfect for the commute or just for fun!

No matter where you ride, streets, mountains, trails, or bike paths, with our full line of folding bikes you are sure to find a bike that meets your needs. Our bikes can be used for commuting, travel, mountain biking, touring or any other kind of riding you can dream up. Of course they also fold for transport or storage in a matter of seconds.


Folds to Fit Your Lifestyle - Our bikes fold in a matter of seconds for the car trunk, train, or closet, but the main focus is small enough to fit within a backpack. Never before could a full-size bike fit your on-the-go lifestyle. The versatility of a folding bike lets you choose just how you get from point A to B. Efficient, healthy, and green transportation will always be within reach.

Unique Characteristics - We know the stigma surrounding folding bikes, and we set out to defy it. All the bikes use full-size contractable wheels, standard components, and a folding design that doesn’t break any of the frame’s tubing. Our focus has always been on perfecting ride quality, handling, and comfort. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these crucial components to have a bike that fits your lifestyle.


The main attraction is the ability to fold and contract to its size. The wheels disconnect and come into the top part of the wheel. The handle bars go into the frame. The frame on both ends retract and rotate up. The pedals then become handles for easy carry.

All bikes come equipped with the new Wheel Release System. The System was designed to make removing and installing your wheels easier and faster than ever. The bike offers all the benefits of an angle adjustable stem without shortening “reach” when raised. This unique design allows for handlebar height to be changed while preserving the way the bike handles and rides. Also, with the unique shape of the post, steering remains engaged while raising or lowering the stem.

There is Vibration Reduction System, which designed to dampen road vibrations, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. Disperse road vibrations in a way that reduces unwanted feedback in the handlebars and saddle area.

Each bike frame is built around our retract wheels system. This design eliminates the need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier, but it makes our bikes the strongest folding bikes out there. Unlike other folding bicycles, you will not sacrifice performance for folding.The power angle is designed to help boost energy transfer to the rear wheel by greatly increasing the torsional rigidity of the bottom bracket. The result is a folding bike frame whose stiffness is unrivaled.


Compak was created in Fullerton, California, 2016, by Azhang Entesari and Hung Nguyen for a soul purpose of changing the way you ride. Our mission to revolutionize a classic product, bicycle, into an empowering and unique products with the support of a high end technology. Compak offers a wide range of futuristic bicycles and is credited with re-popularizing the cruiser bike. Additionally Compak designed and sells comfort bicycles, and hybrid bicycles, also include an extensive line of accessories, apparel, and bicycle parts.


Perfect for people who lives in a busy city. The streets are busy but the bike lanes are more open. So your commute to work consists of biking to the metro, then from the metro, biking to your work. The average bike would be too big to fit on the metro. They do have spots for bikes but they fill up fast. This way, you can fold up his bike and easily carry it inside with you. At work you have a nice storage place for it. If you're running late, the GPS can find faster alternate routes.

As for the people that love to go bike riding. These bike will fit with most of your favorite places to bike. The Map on the bike can show you the next spot or even a new route that you always want to you. The bike will map a route itself and keep track of your performance. The wheels are all terrain so the rough spots won’t be a problem. The bike gives you all the necessary tools and gadgets to make your biking experience better and more fun.


We're opperate 24/7, so don't hesitate to contact us at anytime if you have any question about your repair options, service coverage, or the progress of a repair. We're here to help, our certified repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine parts. And only our certified repairs are backed by Compak. Call in now to learn more about our repair options.