Relax and let Dome Demon watch your back.


Unrivaled Protection

Dome Demon, an intelligent helmet, designed and crafted to enhance the joy of motorcycle riding while protecting you from hazards in your surroundings. Durable yet light, and totally customizable to your liking, Dome Demon is the next big step in the history of motorcycle helmets.


360 AwarenessOn Screen NavigationWireless Connectivity Collission Detection
Dome Demon's advanced detectors monitor the whole area around you. Say goodbye to dangerous surprises on the road!DemonSense™ is an anadvanced HUD visor technology allows you to enjoy innovative and fully customizable navigation.Wireless connectivity with compatible motorcycles allows you to activate DemonAsisstant™ mode to help you with your ride. Dome Demon sensors alert you about a possible collistion, enabling you to avoid many typical dangers on the road


Jessica Alfa / Los Angeles CA

Jessica is a nurse working in downtown in which heavy traffic can be a big issue. She always wanted to try and ride a motorcycle to work, and finally she is ready to do so. The problem is she has never ridden a motorcycle before and she is nervous about it. With Dome Demon’s advanced rider assistance mechanism, she can trust technology to get her to her destination safe and happy by minimizing dangerous mistakes a novice motorcycle rider might commit.

Cliff Grant / Laguna Beach CA

Cliff is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and a professional photographer. He enjoys riding his favorite motorcycle and with an adventurous spirit, he likes to hit the road and discover interesting subjects to capture with his camera. Unfortunately he gets distracted easily while riding his motorcycle. Dome Demon has helped Cliff to find the fastest way to get anywhere through advanced navigation and on-screen direction system and avoid getting distracted so he can ride safer.


Wearing a helmet can save your life. Dome Demon is created to eliminate all inconvenient reasons that might stop a person from wearing a helmet. We are committed to make a product that prevents tragic accidents and allows riders to enjoy their riding experience.


You can pre-purchase Dome Demon and receive our special early-bird 5% discount. Estimated release date is late October, 2020.

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Bryant Mendoza and Koosha Damyar are are Graphic Design Students at California State University who have joined forces to battle the evil that is motorcycle collisions. With their combined intellect they have created a device capable of saving lives and making motorcycle riding more enjoyable. Please give us your money.