The makers of MyAlarm know life can be hectic at times, and finding time to catch up on sleep is very important. It is our goal to allow users of MyAlarm and those around them to have a more consistent sleep routine without any unncessary disruptions. To assist with creating this routine, the MyAlarm app includes a calendar feature. Here you can set alarms days, weeks, or even months in advance so you never oversleep and miss out on life. It is our hope that with this app, people who share a common sleeping area will develop more consistent routines, get a more restful sleep, and have less arguments over annoying alarms.


Personalized Profile

High Frequency Alarm



The user creates a profile on the app and then is scanned with a beam which collects and saves information on their own personal hearing frequency obtained using custom MyAlarm technology.


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Matt is not a morning person. He lives in the dorms on his university’s campus. His weekdays start at 7 am when he has to wake up for his 8 am classes. Every morning he goes through the same routine where he presses the snooze button on his cell phone about 6 times before he actually wakes up and gets ready for his day. Alex is a heavy sleeper. She is a doctor at a local hospital and has a very erratic schedule. Her schedule changes constantly and she finds herself working at all hours of the day. She sometimes doesn’t even hear the alarm go off when she’s sleeping. She has even slept in the living room to not wake up her husband.


Co-Founder Nicholle Varga

Nicholle is a total badass that spends most of her days exploring the wild jungle with her pet otter on her bote.

Co-Founder Fabian Landeros

Fabian spends most of his time at an old hotel carrying luggage and running the service elevators.

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