Tender is a here to create space in your wallet and make your life easier. Tender is an all-in-one credit/debit/anything card that compiles all your cards into one electronic card. With Tender you can have any card you can image loaded onto one single device, ranging from your restaurant gift cards to your bank debit card to your grocery store membership. Tender is great for the person who does not want to have to worry about losing their cards anymore. It’s great for the person who wishes they could carry more cards on them. Tender perfect anyone who owns more than a few cards, which is just about everybody

User Stories

Joe Tina
Mr. Blow is a prominent businessman who often mixes up his credit cards. He carries his businesses’ and personal cards on him at all times which causes him to both mix up his cards at times and limits the space in his wallet. Mr blow now only has to carry one personal tender card for his own use and one for his business expenses. With Tender, Joe has freed up space in his wallet and saved him from confusion and headaches. Tina is a shopaholic who is constantly maxing out and losing her credit cards.All the customers waiting in line hate her because she is always holding up the line. Every time Tina is at checkout, she is rummaging through her purse to find a card that works for her. With Tender Tina can now simply scroll through all of her cards and very quickly find one that will work for her.


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The Team

Josh Jennifer
Tendr is the product of founders Josh Cuellar and Jennifer Alcomendas. Their goal was to create a product that would lighten their wallets and make shopping a lot easier. With Tendr, you can worry less about losing important cards and having an oversized wallet