Stellar Technologies is the creator of the first fully solar powered cellphone, laptop, and tablet. With just a quick second of light contact, the electronic device will possess 12 hours worth of charge. Some other special features include full customizable appearance of the device, a professional grade camera lens, unlimited storage, and much more.


User Stories

Name: Jacob
Age: 35

Jacob is an avid hiker and traveler and uses his phone often while on his adventures. Because he is regularly checking his phone to find directions and documenting his trip, his phone has a short battery life. Jacob knows how unlikely it is to find access to an outlet or charger while hiking so he has invested in the Stellar smartphone to make his traveling experiences more pleasant.

Name: Melissa
Age: 19

Melissa is a very busy graphic design student at Cal State Fullerton. Between her job and school she is always on the move. So on most school days, Melissa spends her extra hours working on projects in the library. Because finding the perfect work spot with an outlet nearby is never a for sure thing, she has invested in the Stellar laptop and smartphone for a reliable experience and full charge throughout the day. Melissa is also excited at that fact that this means less accessories to carry around from one location to another.



Laptop $2,499.99 x
Phone $1,149.99 x



Jhoanna Reyes is a junior at Cal State Fullerton studying graphic design.


Taylor Moore is a senior at Cal State Fullerton studying graphic design.