HealthDoc is a medical bracelet/band that scans the host to determine the exact nature of injuries and illnesses. HealthDoc will also alert the host of potential injuries and illnesses if any body parts are weak or if any viruses, germs, or bacteria are detected. In the event that a potential injury or illness is detected, HealthDoc will alert the wearer and give them suggestions for preventative care they can take to reduce the likelihood of worsening an injury as well as medication to fight an oncoming illness.


Thanks to a one-size-fits-all band, HealthDoc can be fit to anyone at any age and be resized to continue fitting comfortably as they grow over time. HealthDoc is also water and dust resistant, giving you fewer things to worry about for maintainence. The IATA (the International Air Transport Association) has even recognized HeathDoc as a professional healthcare and life saving device, so its ok to wear through metal detectors and during plane flight.

In the event of a sudden injury or illness, the wearer will be instructed to see a doctor. Emergency health situations, such as loss of consciousness, stroke, or heart attack, will trigger HealthDoc to immediately call 9-1-1. With a built in GPS, help is on the way even if you are unable call for it.

Want more? Check out the in-depth info about HealthDoc here, where we explain in detail the features and functions of our product. The tutorial below will explain everything you need to know to operate HealthDoc.


HealthDoc also has an animal version specifically made for pets. The difficulty with taking pets to the vet is the fact that animals cannot speak to tell you or the vet what injuries or illnesses they have. By using a HealthDoc collar, a dog could be scanned and the owner/vet told exactly what the problem is. This would increase the effectiveness of pet health treatment, reduce recovery time, and potentially prolong the pets lifespan through proper health care. And thanks to proximity charging, the collar never has to come off to recharge, meaning that your pet is never without identification or health observation. Simply keep the charger near where the pet usually eats or sleeps and HealthDoc will replenish its own battery.


"I gotta admit, at first I didn't believe that HealthDoc would actually work for animals, but I decided to give it a try anyway and I was blown away. The minute HealthDoc finished scanning my dog for the first time, it informed me that my dog had a digestive disfunction and advised me to see a vet about my dog's diet. When I took him to the vet, the vet confirmed the issue and perscribed a new brand of dog food for me. Ever since, my dog has had way more energy and seems overall happier. I'm so glad I gave HealthDoc a shot!"

-Greg Calsa, 34, Tennesee

"Growing up with diabetes has always been a challenge. There are so many different things to consider before you even eat anything; is it healthy? What's in it? How will it effect my body? And the hardest part is figuring out what you need when you need it. Technology could only do so much before HealthDoc and a lot of day to day decision making was just based off how you're feeling. Now with HealthDoc I know exactly what I need, when I need it. With HealthDoc watching me every step of the way, there's no more guesswork and my day to day life is way easier. You've got to try it!"

-Alexis Sandia, 27, California


HealthDoc comes in a variety of design choices. Band materials may ues leather, faux leather, nylon webbing, ceramic, silicone rubber, or plastic. Aside from solid color options, band designs may also use multiple colors or patterns, such as army camo, zebra stripes, or checkered.


HealthDoc was created in 2016 by Keturah Ley and Zach Guns as a means to keep track of your health and reduce the likelihood of oncoming illnesses and injuries. Having little to no experience with medical knowledge, they instead used their knowledge of computer coding to create a program that would use preexisting medical data to inform them of potential, or current, illnesses and injuries. HealthDoc is the brainchild of that program.


Technical difficulties? Don't worry, we got you covered. Our professional tech squad can repair and maintain nearly any issues that arise while using HealthDoc. The best part is, if the problem was due to an issue on our end, your repair/maintainence is free of charge! As a HealthDoc customer, it is our goal to keep you healthy and happy.