What it Does

The OCDevice makes your life easier by organizing everything in your purse, backpack or luggage. Just pack your bag, throw the device in there, zip it and go. OCDevice will fold your clothes and organize everything for you according to size, weight, and category.


How it Works



Syncronize your phone with your OCDevice and get alerts when you forget to pack something, or when someone opens your bag. Let your phone make packing lists for your trips according to the location, climate and occasion.

About Us

Growing up in the heart of Orange County,
in Downtown Santa Ana, I've always been exposed
to a rich culture of visual art. Walls adorned with
bright, colorful murals, monthly art walks, and
of course, the musicians serenading visitors
on the streets were all normal occurrences from
my childhood. This shaped who I am today
and why I love what I do. Being an artist isn't always
a neat job. I just throw everything I need into my bag.
We needed a hand packing and organizing
our lives a little. We all need a little OCD sometimes.
That was the birth of an idea.

Born in Brazil, I grew up with an appreciation for
nature and different cultures. From an early age I
developped an interest for design, decorative
arts and craftsmanship, which resulted in an adulthood
devoted to studying metalsmithing and graphic design.
Today, I find my work being influenced by all my early
experiences, and my love for nature and other cultures
push me to travel and to discover new places for
inspiration. A device that could organize my bags,
between trips and art projects was what was missing.
The OCDevice makes my life more simple and gives
me a chance to use my time more effectively.