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  • Thermostat Jacket
    helps you save more space !

    About Us

    Have you ever clean up your closet? Do you think all your winter clothes are too big storage, too heavy for you, not warm enough, and make you look fat during when you wear them? We all experience this kind of problems before. Now, our company technicians find the solution. We invented a jacket called the Thermostat Jacket. Thermostat jacket is our first new high-tech product for this year. This jacket can solve the biggest problems in our house, save you a lot of space, save you money, and save yourself in the coldest winter and the hottest summer. The thermostat jacket is a smart jacket that can automatically examine user’s body temperature, and then constant our body temperature into 70 °F to 75 °F, which is the most comfortable temperature for us.


    A jacket was worn by men and women, also the mpst important wardrobe for man. There are variety of styles and shapes, which are neat or semi formal.a Nowdays, it is really common to see jackets that look semi formal. During the Middle ages ir Renaissance was worn for working-class men. By eighteenth century it became standard use for agriculture and servants.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to change our lifestyle with the Thermostat jacket. Thermostat jacket save your money, space, and save your health. Thermostat jacket not only keeps your body in a comfortable temperature, but also keep track on your body health in every minute you are wearing it.

    User Stories

    Name: Ana
    Age: 60
    Ocupation: Retired woman
    Ana is a woman from Alaska, who enjoys to go out to do winter sports. Especially, she likes to go to hike and play with the ice, but her body temperature changes a lot. Sometimes, she gets hot or cold, and it is annoying to wear and take out that jacket. She enjoys to wear “jackets name” becuase the temperature changes automatically depending on her body. And she does not need to take out the jacket because it is light and flexible doing sports.

    Name: Jana
    Age: 25
    Ocupation: Student
    Jana is a full time college student who is working part time in the ice skatng place. She is a person who gets cold all the time and loves long sleeve shirts. Also, she thinks that it is waste of money to buy losts of jacket, so she decided to buy the jacket that is changes the temperature depending on ther body. After using it, she never gets cold or hot.


    The Thermostat Jacket has a small detector which calculates the body’s desireable temperature and protects you from the UV. It also has a switch that makes the jacket calculate the heart rate and the calories. To know more information about your heart rate and temperature, you just download our app. The details will be updated everyday. In addition, you can keep track on your family members who are wearing the jacket, especially the elder family member with health issues.


    Our jackets have four different color jackets: Black, White, Beige, and Blue. Pick the one that you like!~

    Contact Us

    800 N. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831-3599
    Phone: 657. 278. 2011
    Email: thermostat_jacket@gmail.com