Motion Type Project

What is the Motion Type Project?

Motion Type Project is a platform that explores the interactive forms Chinese & Taiwanese typography through motion graphics and design. The project attempts to interact with the viewer in how form and shape create visual components that are familiar to them in an innovative and conceptual format.

Launched in early 2017, Motion Type Project is a relatively new site by Ting-An Ho, a Taiwan-based designer. This specific project deals with the motion graphics of form and the visual psychology of recognizing typographical characters.

“Because of the difference between Oriental characters and Westerns, using the same design approach is not entirely appropriate. In order to offering insights into Chinese design evaluation associated with the contents of design quality on motion, the findings of this study should facilitate understanding of how designers or design students learn the evaluation of Chinese motion graphics.” -Ting-An Ho

“Motion graphics is any graphics that use technology to create an illusion of motion, transformation, or rotation in order to communicate messages through video and audio storytelling. Motion graphics includes things such as films, videos, animated text, and web-based animation, among other things and the field has quickly evolved as a direct result of improvements in technology.”

Motion Type Project features a study section in which the site describes and features critical figures in the history of motion graphics, such as Saul Bass, that influenced the development of their project. It provides an insightful perspective into how motion graphics has evolved overtime and the progress demonstrated by this project.

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