Medium Corporation

What is Medium?

According to Medium's About page "it's a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you"1. Medium is an online publisher platform to thousands of articles written by its users of their ideas and perspectives. Articles or posts can range from world affairs to personal essay and are delivered to the world to read. Medium is accessable to everyone as it "encourages participation and a diversity of opinion" and influences value of ideas, and responces1.


The purpose of Medium is to provide "a open and free platform where anyone can express themselves"1. As its founder states, "Mediem is a network of thought"1. His idea is to connect people and their ideas to "increase their knowlegde and capabilities"1.


Medium is a platform that allows writers to express their feeling about various topics ranging from health, politics, technology and more. Aritcles can include text, photos, audio, gifs, and videos1.