The Omni Track's development began in early 2020 with it being complete in 2025, our company had one goal with our designs and products "Make Life Easier." We wanted a watch that wasn't only stylish but also helped with out daily lives. Life can be cruel and stressful and we fully understand those situations. Not a day goes by when life hits us in the face and make us think and wonder how we can make all these annoyances easier. That's when the omni track was born, Alex Kim the founder of the Omni Track wanted this same desire, he wanted a device that gave him a hand at any given situation. The Omni Track adapts and overcomes many possibilities, whether it's scheduling that next dinner meeting or finishing a daily quota for the day. Omni Track is here to make life easier

  • -Full Control of holographic images-
  • -Adaptive user interface-

    -Water Resistant-

    -Neural Link that responds to the body-

    -Environmental Awareness-

    -Endless Possibilities-

    User Story #1

    Randall is a U.S. Army Special Forces operative, he always had to work with the old tech of the late 21st century. Now since technology has become far greater than we’ve could’ve ever imagined, he uses the state of the art Omni Track. Even though some may think this is merely a civilian product. The Omni Track is also designed for military personnel. It can track and navigate the current location of a soldier’s GPS point and to add it can also keep him informed of harsh and brutal weather and give warnings to the user. Randall has been in many conflicts and the Omni Track has helped him get through the toughest situations and not only that since the Omni Track is a multi-purpose device, he also could keep in contact with his family at any given time. The omni track is the hottest device not just with civilians but with people protecting our country as well. Randall calls it “A tactical device that can help a soldier get through hell.”

    User Story #2

    Sean is a working man, he has a long list of daily tasks almost every day and never gets to come home and relax. Luckily for him, his recent purchase of the omni track lets him let loose buy engaging in the many games the omni track can offer. The omni track can holographically construct a playroom for the user, examples include bowling, tennis, boxing, and even virtual shooter games. Sean is a busy man but since his time with the omni track he keeps his life in check since he can relax and play some games while on the job. A fitting device for a busy worker.


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