Dreams are emotional, captivating, and intriguing. But they can also be elusive. They manifest fantasies into reality and allow one's wildest imaginations to become actualized. However, these experiences are often forgotten only moments after a dreamer wakes up, leaving them with fragmented memories of a lost narrative. The Dreamcatcher allows users to recover these fleeting images and watch them again upon awakening. The Dreamcatcher is a pillow that records brain wave activity during a sleeper's REM cycle, and translates these visual images and sounds into playable videos that can be viewed after a dream has ended.


Brain wave activity-scanning sensory fibers record dreams automatically.


Dreams are transmitted and saved wirelessly to your perferred smart device.


Watch your dreams back with full control on mobile, desktop, or smart TV.


The Dreamcatcher allows users to record, save, delete, and playback videos at will that can be viewed on any devicesurrounding an awakened dreamer, and bringing the dream to conscious life.

Using patented brain wave activity-scanning neuro fibers in the fabric of our memory foam pillows, the DreamCatcher scans and records the electrical impulses of the neurons within a sleeper’s brain, and translates these visual images and auditory sounds into playable videos that can be viewed and saved upon wakening.

Secure Outer Layer

The secure outer layer keeps your dream data safe and secure from any and all unotherized viewers. It is also waterproof, keeping the inner layers safe from harmful moister.

Neuro Fiber Middle layer

The Neural fiber technology senses brain waves and activates to automatically record the users dreams.

Soft Memory Foam Core

We use our softes, most comfortable memory foam core to ensure the best night sleep possible. It's so soft you would think youre sleeping on a cloud

Our Mission

The Dreamcatcher was conceived as a desire to turn fantasies into reality, beginning itself as a seeming impossibility transformed into existence. Dreams have been historically revered throughout worldwide cultures and scientific disciplines. It is within them that we are able to confront our biggest fears, explore our deepest curiosities, and embrace the fearlessness that enables us to take action in our waking lives.

Dreams allow us to discover what we truly desire, fear, and envision for our lives, and the images that occur when we are asleep often amplify our emotions and desires to a heightened degree, allowing us to defy physical limitations of the material world, and imagine inventions beyond current technological possibilities. By revisiting and studying these intensified feelings, and the innovations that occur in our dreams, we are able to expand our personal creativity, explore who we are as individuals, and save and rewatch heartwarming moments and memories that visit us in our sleep.

User Stories


Joana is an independent film producer. Joana has dreams. Beautiful dreams. Ones that, in the moment, feel more real than life itself. She draws on these dreams as inspiration for her films. But upon awaking Joana cant hold onto most of those memories. Tired of only being left with the vaguest of memories and struggling in vain to remember her dreams, Joana decided to buy a dreamcatcher. Now she can watch back all of her dreams in the morning with dream catchers record and playback features.


Peter is coming up on his fourth year as a community college student. He hasn't been able decide on a major, bouncing around departments for the last two years. The whole ordeal has left Peter confused and frustrated. Peter decides that in order to move forward he needs to understand himself better so peter purchased the dreamcatcher pillow. He hopes the recorded dreams will help him understand his unconscious mind and discover what he wants out of life.


Our Team

Rachael Imes

Visionary Genius

David Velasco

Graphic Designer