California State University, Fullerton has their very own parking and resevration based software/application that allows users to reserve a parking spot for FREE! up to 8 hours.


CSUFPR's application/software runs PR Bionic 10. Established and developed in 2020, PRB10 (PR Bionic 10) allows parking structures to illustrate an exact amount of open spots available to the users. The program is similar to the one used to display open parking spots available to the public at parking structures. PRB10 is different in that is represent a real time number that codes itself right through either the computer or the application. The software allows users to visually see realtime open parking spots. After reviewing the desired parking spot, users will be able to reserve the desired spot! Easy as that.


Reservations are simple. Either through the internet or application, users with accounts will be able to reserve their spots whenever spots are open. It will work like this. Throughout CSUF, PRB10 allows all parking structures to obtain different levels of “parking hours”. This means, some structures will be designated as “short hours” while others will be designated as “long hours”. Within these structures, each sections of the structure will be divided to a specific time slot. For example, in parking structure “A” (that is designated as a “short hour” structure) levels 1-3 will only be reserved for 4 hours or less. In structure “A” levels 4+ will be available to be reserved for 4 or more hours.


Users of CSUFPR will need an account in order to use the software/application. In order to become eligible one must be a CSUF student/faculty member and obtain a digital form of the account payment.


Luyu Li
Has enrolled to MA program at CSUF since last year. 2017 is the first year for her studied as a graduate student in United States. She is working for Office of Graduate Studies as Designer Assistant at school as well. Mostly, she tried to combine the Chinese traditional elements into modern art expression. Luyu partnered up with Delia to develop CSUFPR.

Delia Choi
Has studied Visual arts for more than 10 years. Professionally, Delia has worked alongside the Creative Construction Management team, Apple, and CSUF’s Graphic Design studio 495. Academically, Delia is in her last year at California State University Fullerton obtaining her BFA in Graphic Design. During her last year as an undergraduate at CSUF, Delia partnered up with Luyu to develop CSUFPR.

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Parking Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm


We are located North of the University Police Department.
Our office can be accessed off of State College Blvd, entering Corporation Drive.

Our physical address is:
800 N. State College Blvd.
Building T-1400 
Fullerton, CA 92834