What is TTY?

TTY is a play on an old device with the same acronym of TTY (TeleTYpe). Talk To You is an online application that is also accompanied by an electronic device, it helps bridge the gap between the deaf community and people that they interact with in their everyday lives. The original TTY device was originally named TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) by its developers, but the deaf community changed it to TTY. With the spirit of the history of the original TTY device, Talk To You’s goal is to create a device that will help communications between the deaf and the hearing.


The Talk To You (TTY) device will provide functions that will make communication with the deaf community as seamless as possible.

User Stories


“I really enjoy using this product as it helps me communicate with people that I would never get the chance to. The easy communication TTY provides has helped me in all aspects of my life.”


“Learning has been easier for me since TTY allows me to follow discussions in-class and its ability to archive transcripts of class discussions. The TTY device has become an important part of my learning experience in college!”


At TTY, we’re from many walks of life and cultures. Experiencing the deaf/hearing communication gap frustrated us so much that we decided to try to do something about it. We’re together because we deeply believe that hundreds of millions of deaf & hard-of-hearing people in the world should have the right to live a totally accessible life.

Hearing aids work well enough in many cases, but often fall short in group conversations. The distance between participants and the background noise around them makes it harder for a hearing aid to do the job. The dynamics of a group conversation mean that you lose the visual accessibility component because reading lips is much harder. Hearing aids are often not sufficient, and part of the problem is that most people don’t realise this! Captioning, subtitles in movies, or even sign language are great examples of adding the ‘visual layer’. This is why we need to chose to make a TTY.


About Us

Chris Trinh

Chris is a Co-Founder and Co-Creator of Talk To You. Raised in Minnesota and California, Chris always has places to explore and things to do. Chris has always been able to meet new and interesting people through his time going on road trips and events. As a result of Chris’ curious nature, he is always looking for new things to learn and pursue. Communication has always been important to Chris as it is what makes his passion for exploring the world fun as he gets to interact with new people. The hope for the TTY device is that Chris can help others find communication easy and enjoyable.

Jessica Hartman

Jessica is a Co-Founder and Co-Developer of Talk To You. Born and raised in Southern California, Jessica has always been interested in the idea of media and communication. Her background includes multiple disciplines including marketing and photography. Most of Jessica’s past photographic work as an artist, explored and discussed ideas of identity, and influences of social communication. Jessica joined the Talk To You Team because she wanted to contribute her marketing skills to help develop a product that aligned so similarly to concepts she has explored artistically.

Haley Kim

She is CEO & Co- developer for TTY (Talk to You) that she first created this for help all deaf/ hard of hearing people able access to communicate with other hearing people. She is hard of hearing. Because of that, she has hard time to communicate with others and she keeps missing the comments which she can’t turn her head fast enough to read her family and friend’s lips. This is how she first created TTY. It’s not just her. Every single day, Our TTY deny 360M deaf and hard-of-hearing people like Haley full access to our social & professional lives. It’s high time we challenged that.