Because memory is for living


Willow Grain by Spectrum Memory was designed for those who need a peace of mind. Discover how this technology can help you find yours.

Using the world’s most innovation and leading technology, Willow Grain is designed to make memories last forever. Through a simple, minimally invasive procedure, the grain will be implanted behind the ear and begin to upload everyday memories. You will have access to all your past memories within the palm of your hand.





John Smith is in his late fifties and lives a modest and humble lifestyle with his wife, Elena Smith, of 35 years. Elena, who was working full-time prior to her diagnoses, had been showing signs of this medical condition from casually forgetting her keys and purse to having to call her husband and not remembering where she was or how she got there. Their lives have been impacted by his wife’s recent diagnoses of beginning Alzheimer’s. After doing extensive research upon the Full Memory Spectrum website John has become more and more accepting and knowledge in this technology and is hopefully it will be able to provide a working and living memory for his wife.


Sydney Marks is a full-time student, works three part-time jobs and is the sole provider for her parents and two younger siblings. As phone reminders and a personal calendar are not cutting it anymore, she hears through word of mouth about Willow Grain Full Spectrum Memory. At first she takes it to be solely used for medical reasons, but with her interested peaked she does more through research through the website and finds it may be just the technological resource she is missing in her hectic life. Having this technology at hand would allow Sydney the flexibility to have everything in her life ingrained and intact in her memory and have bearing overwhelming responsibilities and constant forgetfulness a thing of the past.


Giovanna is a visual artist who enjoys exploring new typography, minimal designs and simple colors. She likes to meet deadlines and go above and beyond for her clients, so her usage of Willow Grain has made her design career a lot more manageable.

Jessica is a graphic designer that is juggling multiple projects at one time. Her rare outings with friends or family are such a blur since her mind is always elsewhere. With the help of the Willow Grain, she can rewind back in time to assist any memory confusion.


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