A Revolutionizing Scanner

Identify and find objects in the palm of your hands

What is identiFIND?

Have you ever stumbled upon a person, place, or thing and wonder what is it? Creators of identiFIND created this app that allows users to simply pull out their phones and utilize the camera as a scanner. With cutting edge technology, all you need to do is open up the app and hold on the screen to scan the person, place, or thing. With this app, users will be able to scan mysterious items, sceneries, wildlife, and food.


A simple app that is compatible with any device with a camera.

Be able to scan any object known to Earth and the app will identify.

Find information on the object, from history to where you can buy.

Be able to project a hologram of the scan object

Easy to Use


identiFIND was founded in 2030 in Orange County, California by two students. These two young students were avid thrifters and always curious about their surroundings. What started out as curiosity allowed the creators of identiFInd to develop this app to allow users to scan and identify with a simple touch.



Jack is remodeling his front lawn and is trying to figure out what to put on his lawn. He stumbles upon a fountain he likes, he pulls out his phone and goes on the identiFIND app. He points the phone camera at the fountain, presses and holds on the screen until the information about fountain is pulled up. He finds out the dimensions, material, the price and where he can purchase one for his front lawn. Jack even uses the feature where he can project a hologram of the fountain on his lawn to see how it looks.


Tony is a thrifter and likes to go to swap meets to find items he can purchase cheap. He solely goes to swap meets to find items that have value to them if he is able to fix and resell them for a profit. Tony always has trouble figuring out what items are worth purchasing at swap meets since he does not know much about the items he finds. Tony gets frustrated while trying to search for the web trying to find the item anad then realizes he can use the identiFIND app to find the item quickly and smoothly.


identiFIND is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Try it out for free for 30 days.


Ivane Bui

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Project Lead

Lei Lei Khaing

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Project Manager


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