The Hair-Do is

What is the Hair-Do?

Hair is a tricky thing that not everyone has the time or the skill to handle. For those who are trying to do the most in a day and aiming to look good while doing it, without spending hours a day working on the mess that sits atop our heads, the Hair Do is your best friend. We can’t make it in to see a stylist in a salon every-day, but we can make it to the bathroom to meet our best revolutionary hair tool. This tool has the skill of a professional stylist all in the size of a bowl that fits atop your head.

This all in one machine has the power to create any masterpiece with your hair. With revolutionary laser cut and heat technology the tool can cut your hair, straighten your hair, curl your hair, style your hair, and even color your hair with the push of a button. Anything you wish to see done to your hair, this revolutionary tool can make it happen. The tool integrates with your phone so you can upload your hair inspired photos from your phone via photos or any social media platform. The Hair Do will then take those photos and convert them to an algorithm that is transferred to its built-in microcomputer that directs the haircut and styling process.

How it works

Step 01

Select your Hair-Do style you would like from a variety of options on the Hair-Do app from the styles menu!

Step 02

Position your front frontal phone camera in front of your face and allow the Hair-Do to scan your head and hair circuference.

Step 03

The app will project a field that will extend your hair to its full length and cut it with lasers according to the pattern of your hair cut selection.

Step 04

Now you hava a stylish and on trend hair cut that everyone will love and the best part is that you did not have to leave the comfort of your own home!

The App

Select trendy and classic haircuts
from our our Styles menu!

Use your camera to take a selfie
and preview the Hair-Do!

Project the Hair-Do to custom scan all head and face shapes for custom hair cut!

Now you have a fresh Do!


John Wells

Tom is a man who travels a lot for work. His job also requires many business meetings that need him to look his best. Over the years he has spent a lot of valuable time and money at the barber shop. He wants something faster and more convenient. He sees an ad for Hair-DO, a revolutionary hair cut device that uses Photonic Lasers and a light weight DOW micro-plastic that produces salon quality haircuts right in his home or office. He is impressed with how the Hair-DO device accurately gives perfect haircuts every time, saving time and money.

Janine Montes

Janine is a twenty-five year old mother of three. Taking care three children under the age of five requires a lot of work. Janine and her husband are just making ends meet so Janine cuts her children’s hair herself. She is so busy raising children that she hardly has any time to take care of herself. Her friend has just bought a Hair-DO device and she is impressed. She realizes Hair-DO can cut her children’s hair and her hair in under 20 minutes. Janine tries the machine that her friend just got and is amazed by the outcome. She finds that the device will pay for itself in less than a year and decides to introduce a Hair-DO to her family.


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Our Team

Marcelle Cordova

Marcelle has had a passion for hair since it began sprouting from her head. Only problem was that she had no idea how to do her hair like a pro, and everytime she went to the salon she was over charged and never got what she wanted. With Modern technology and passion for the artistry of hair a team deleoped a life changing app that would make hair care easily accessible. Thus Hair-Do was born, so convient it fits right into your pocket to do your hair at any second of the day!

Reza Javaherbin

Reza is currently studying design at Cal State Fullerton. He is a hair stylist that developed a passion for technology at a very young age. Combining his knowledge in design and hair styling with his brother’s expertise in engineering, he began to find ways of shortening the time and speed of the modern haircut. With the use of Phototronic lasers and advanced plastic technology he was able to start working on a project developing a product to do this tedious task. Along the way he met a genius business partner and developed the Hair-Do laser salon.