Coming out in the year 2020 the SmartScreen (SS) is the new way to see clearer. With its easy setup users can change a small surface in space into an interactive plane where they can access any of the applications that are included or downloaded off the SSdevice.


The SS is a huge step forward when it comes to smart devices. Thanks to the technological advances of the 20th century, the SS is able to link and sync all smart devices into one user face changing the way we see, hear, and communicate. This is the first ever interactive user face that allows people to set up anywhere there is a surface. The user is no longer limited to a physical screen and instead can make one appear out of thin air. Everything about the SS is smart which makes everyday life a breeze!


Users can connect the SmartScreen to their smartphones to make phone calls, send text messages, and listen to their music. The SS can set reminders, set alarms, and mark events in the user’s virtual calendar. The user can check the latest current events, the weather, and their social networking accounts all through the SSapplications. The SS even comes with a built in camera so that users can take selfies and with its built in wifi post their photos instantly to any social media! Adapted syncable components in the SS also allow users to play any game that they have downloaded on their smartphones without having to restart the user’s progress. The user can watch their favorite shows, movies, and videos with the SS Hulu, Youtube, and NETFLIX applications that come installed with the device. Users can even go online with the SSwebbrowser!

The SS comes with many of the previous smart device features but something new that SS brings is the SSmirror application. This app opens up like a mirror and the user sets a look by first preparing themselves. Once they are finished they can save the look into the app and when they want to style themselves with that look the SSmirror will notify the user what needs to be done to accomplish the look. Another unique feature is the SShealth, this application allows users to scan themselves and detect any medical condition they have. The SShealth can read blood pressure, cholesterol, and detect early signs of a heart attack. With the SShealth users can also plan their daily workouts, meals, and sleep times. This allows the user to be the healthiest version of themselves. With its SSedge detector the screen never falls of the surface it is being displayed on.


Chakotay is always presenting new ideas to the company's executive board where he works. One day while he was setting up the computer and projector started malfunctioning and Chakotay was unable present to the board members. He almost lost his job but instead was given a second opportunity to present the following week. Tired of relying on early 20th century technology he went purchase a SS for himself. Chakotay went back to meet with the board members and used the SS to do his presentation. Afterwards, the board was so impressed that not only did they approve his proposal but Chakotay also got a raise and a promotion.

Tuvak, a 17 year old, is getting ready for the his 18th birthday. He wants to have the best party ever but first has to setup. Along with getting everything ready, Tuvak also needs to set up the projector and connect his laptop along with getting the charger so that he and friends can watch movies and play video games. All this requires a lot of wires everywhere and is posing a major safety hazard for all the people attending the party. At the last minute Tuvak decides to purchase the SmartScreen because of its all in one features and wireless attribute. He sets it up in his backyard on the whole wall of his garage and hits play, it is a success!


Smart Screen wants to make life easier for everyone! The SS is a new way to live life. It is dedicated to improving the mobility of it's user so that they are more productive through out their existence. SS wants its users to have fun and not have to worry about any techincal difficulties. The SS was created for people by people. The SS can be used for just about anything; watching tv, presenting at work, playing games, surfing the web, and many more activities.


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Dennis is an up and coming Graphic Designer who currently attends CSUF. He is from the infamous slums of Compton where they do not ID for liqour because they were not supposed to make it to 21! Dennis wants does not care to work for major desgin companies because he wants to work for himself. In 2015 he, and a close friend of his, started the Overly Blunt Company which aims at Engaging, Educating, and Empowering their communities. Although the company is new and aint shit yet just wait and catch them in 5 years!!!

Michael is a designer and engineer hoping to change the world. In college he had multiple user accounts to many entertainment vehicles; as most millennials do. He also had a fit to track his health. So the thought was simple. One day he got together with DennisBMasiah, and the rest was history!