The Decoder of Taste Anatomy


The Grub Grabber is a one of kind device that allows you to instantly have the recipe to any meal of your liking. This device is a specially designed bracelet that that has a small camera to scan any meal that is in front of you and a projector to project the recipe on your arm. Other features that this device offers are the nutrition facts of meals, where to find these ingredients, near you, and suggested alternatives that will cater to your personal preferences.

This device is a sleek and elegant bracelet that is lightweight, stylish and easy to take anywhere with you. This is for the mom who wants to save time looking up a new recipe or the young beginning cook who wants to replicate their favorite meal from that one breakfast place. It is a device fit for all.

It comes in five different colors:


The Grub Grabber is a device designed to look like a bracelet with a built in scanner and projector.

The scanner is used to detect what meal is in front of you. Then the devices computer system goes through its databases and quickly projects you the recipe and other information about the meal alongside your arm.



Nutrition: Knowledge of nutriction facts contained per food scanned
Recipe: Displays recipes of all meals scanned, onto arm
Location: Knows where the nearest/ cheapest ingredients can be found
Alternative: Helps user find alternative ingredients


The Grub Grabber originated with our founders Stephanie Velasquez and Joseline Carmona. One of our founders would always pass by a bakery shop that always displayed the cup cake of the week on their window display. She is an avid bak-er and loves exploring the world of baking through different flavor combinations and techniques. She wished she was able to somehow be able to get the recipe of these cup cakes by just taking a photo of them.

She mentioned this problem to our other co-founder one day and she responded, “let’s make it happen then,” They both bounced off ideas from each other for a while until they came up with the Grub Grabber. The Grub Grabber bracelet took over a year of planning, designing, and engineering in order to perfect it.

Joseline Carmona                                                         Stephanie Velasquez


Bob is a 27-year old food blogger who just loves to trying to figure out all of the ingredients that were used to make the meal and the recipe. Half the time when he guesses the recipes there is nothing to confirm whether his guesses are accurate, which frustrates him because he loves knowing that he is right. He recently discovered the Grub Grubber online and was thrilled to finally have something that is always 100% accurate in confirming whether his guesses about what’s in the meals are accurate or not.

Katie is a 13-year old girl who loves to bake with her best friend Millie. They would always come up with recipes together and compete to see who could replicate a dessert but they never came out exactly the same as the original. They were recently around the mall when they saw the Grub Grabber through a window and were excited to learn about its neat features.

The Grub Grabber can be used to point at any food and give step-by-step instructions/recipe on how to make the food, and where the cheapest/closet place to find the ingredients is. After they purchased their Grub Grabber's, every dessert they tried to replicate now tasted exactly like the original.