Movink is a phone application that enables its users to take images of illustrations and scan them onto the body as temporary tattoos. The app acts as a platforms where users can interact with other tattoo enthusiasts by reselling artwork for tattoos and providing a function that animates the tattoo on the surface of the skin when viewed through the app’s camera function.

Movink changes the current dynamics of tattoo art and enables artists to reach a more global scale with their art and allows tattoo enthusiasts to have a larger variety of artwork on their skin in a less permanent manner. This allows an everchanging sense of style (and tattoo art) to evolve over time alongside the person getting tattooed.


Marshall Dahlin

Marshall Dahlin is a 30 year old local tattoo enthusiast who enjoys displaying his art across his body. However, he has come to the point where there is a limited amount of space left on his body where he can put new tattoos. Movink allows him to combine both his occupation and his passion with his body acting as a living canvas. He can now also sell his art on the movink app and provide comments on how people should animate their tattoos due to his experience working in motion graphics.

The Nguyen

The Nguyen loves art and is fond of tattoos, he has a few permanent tattoos already, but is looking to get something more adventurous and new. While walking though the art section in the magazine store sees a headline explaining a new method of tattooing that is temporary tattoo animations.His interest takes him to tattoo shop nearby where he then finds himself flipping though a digital library of possible temporary animations He finds a design for a snake tattoo.


The concept for movink was developed in 2030 in order to combine an increasing trend towards mobile devices being more capable of a variety of functions and a general shift of tattoos being more accepted in society. Noticing the accessability to technology that enabled our idea, movink wanted to create an app that allowed users to project their own images onto their bodies as temporary tattoos that people could reguarly switch out the art that appears on their skin, allowing the body to act as a moving canvas.