The Next Thing in Battery Life

Wireless charging became a next big thing in the early 2010's, but now in 2017 Infused Energy has become the first wireless charging product that allows users to charge their products without being near a plug.

What is Infused Energy?

Infused Energy is a wireless charger for your mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even cameras. Infused Pods is a portable pod shaped wireless charger that can charge one or multiple devices at once.

How does Infused Energy Work?

Infused Energy uses inductive charging which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which can then use that energy to charge batteries.

Infused Energy Features

Mini Max Master Charging Port
$89 $129 $119 $39
Connects up to two small devices simultaneously Connect four small devices or two medium devices simultaneously or one large device Connect eight small devices or four medium devices or two large device simultaneously Can charge up to three pods or one small device and pod simultaneously
Approximately 15 hours of charge - Recharges small devices for three times their battery life Approximately 40 hours of charge - Recharges small devices for five times their battery life, medium devices for three times their battery life, and large devices for twice their battery life Approximately 100 hours of charge - Recharges small devices for ten times their battery life, medium devices for five times their battery life, and large devices for three time their battery life Charges pods based on model
1 hour to charge 1.5 hour to charge 2.5 hour to charge Connected to a plug :(

What Do People Think About Infused Energy?

Spencer is a twenty-six year old male who is a local Youtuber and social media sensation. He is either checking his social media on his phone, doing editing on his laptop, or filming his next video on his camera. Finding a device that is compatible with all his devices is something he is always on the lookout. Something that Spencer would really like about this product is having the ability to quickly charge his devices.

Lori is a thirty-nine year old female who is a mother of three children ages 14, 9 and 4. As a family that is going to place to place, they do not always have access to charging stations for everyone to charge their devices at once. Finding a device that will allow for multiple devices to charge at once and portable is something Lori would really love.

Want Infused Pods?

Infused Energy is currently avaliable online only. Remember, at this time, this is a class project website and that this product does not currently exist. But we feel this product is a futuristic artifact and will be be avaliable in the current furture. To reserve yours today, click the button below and we will let you know once this is avaliable.

About the Creators

As the creators of Infused Energy, designers Maribel Diaz and Vanessa Valerio created a product that would allow for multiple devices to be wirelessly charged. As graphic design students, they faced the problem of always looking for outlets to charge their phones, tablets, or laptops. Determined to find a solution, they created Infused Energy as a solution to their problem.

Maribel Diaz Vanessa Valerio