The Ingredient Detector Stick (or IDS) is a utensil that, when inserted into foods or beverages, can give you a lot of information about what you’re consuming. The device, similar looking to a thermometer, can be easily stored, carried, and used. The device has a small reader at the top where you will see the information it gives you about what you’re consuming.

The history of the Ingredient Detector Stick starts when the human population began having more health problems base on their diets, mostly their nutrition consumption since some of the population was obese but with not the necessary elements to have a healthy diet. At first the IDS began as a medical treatment that was successful in the first five year of its invention and approval for consumption, after that it was release to the general public so everybody could get one for themselves. One of the good elements of the IDS is that it is small enough to be carry around in a purse, since its creation it was modify to come in various colors not just white as it original self.


The IDS can give you any information you could possibly need about your food. It can give you the calorie count, fat, sugar, carbs, etc. It can tell you what is good for you in the food such as vitamins, and the percent daily value. It will tell you all ingredients detected in the food as well. This is a great device for everyone, since everyone should know what they’re eating and drinking. This is especially good for people with food allergies, people trying to watch their weight, or people going out to drink at a bar or a club where they can check to see the alcohol percentage of their drinks, and make sure no one spiked their drinks.


Haley is a 35 year old mother with 4 kids. Her youngest, Sara, is 4 years old. Sara has severe food allergies to milk, nuts, eggs, and a gluten intolerance. Haley has to carry around an Epipen for Sara, and always has to worry unless she is the one cooking for her. With the Ingredient Detector Stick (IDS) Haley is much more at ease with Sara’s condition. They can now eat out without worry of unlisted ingredients and Sara having a reaction. The device is also so easy to use, that Sara now has her own IDS so she can check on her own when she is away from her parents. With this device Sara can avoid having a possibly fatal allergic reaction.


Brian is a 20 year old college student at CSUF. He is feeling insecure after realizing he definitely gained the ‘freshman 15’ and it hasn’t gone away. Brian realizes he needs to start eating healthier and working out. Brian has never had to diet, so he doesn’t really know where to begin. With the IDS his life is made so much easier. Being young, he likes to go out to eat and party with his friends. With the IDS he can take accurate account of what he is consuming to help him stick to his goals. It can also help him find out the information in his drinks which are surprisingly full of hidden sugar and fats.


The Ingredient Detector Stick (IDS) was created with the objective of helping people in having a nutritious and balanced diet. People who are overweight, have food allergies, or are just overall concerned about the ingredients and nutritious facts in their food can benefit from this device. It’s main purpose is to read the nutrition facts of food and provide information such as: calorie count, sugar, sodium, fats, alcohol, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals. We want to help the population live long, healthy lives.

About Me

Hello, my name is Aleah! I am a graduate from California State University, Fullerton. I have a degree in graphic design, but I have always been interested in health. I have also had many family members with severe allergies, so their health and safety have always been important to me. I hope that the IDS makes a positive influence in many people’s lives.