TapShot is a mobile application with the ability to allow users to identify a specific location based on anywhere they click or drop a point within an existing photo previously taken through the app or from the live camera view using their mobile phone. The user is able to click just about any object in the photo/viewfinder to show what is around the area, and also to find out the exact address of the spot they clicked on. The mobile application will allow users to have two options: live camera viewfinder mode or photo mode to pinpoint at any location within the camera view or photo view to show the details of a specific location and area. The pinpoints will drop down showing general information of phone number, address, a map and what is around the area (along with photos).


TapShot will be first launched in the year 2030. The development of TapShot started with implementing the technology of machine learning for mobile applications. Two BFA majors at Cal State University of Fullerton, Danielle Lam and Yunna Choi, created the mobile application in the Spring of 2016. Both students had a vision and believed in making innovative products for the future. The idea of creating TapShot was generated by focusing and creating a solution to improve the pre-installed camera mobile application in order to have the power to analyze data to the next level. The beta app was initially released only for iOS mobile devices, but later expanded to Android devices also. Through TapShot, our company hopes to inspire the world, make a difference, and be recognized globally.


Tap anywhere in both camera view mode or photo to identify the exact location.
TapShot includes a sidebar that allows users to learn more info about a place and redirects them using Google Maps and Yelp!
Pinpointing in both camera view mode or photo will drop down pinpoints to show more locations.
Uploading photos or any pre-existing saved photos from your mobile phone will work with TapShot.


"TapShot saved my trip"

Josh, a 30-year-old student, is visiting Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. Josh is a tourist and did not know his way around Atlanta. Josh was staying in a hotel and decided to go around the neighborhood, but a map is too complicated for him to use. Josh enjoys taking photos. Therefore, Josh decided to make his life simple and take a photo of his surroundings using the TapShot application. The photo shows multiple houses and stores. Every single place Josh touches in the photo, a map would pop out showing the address, phone number, business or residence and what is around that area.

"TapShot is awesome!"

Ely is a 22 year old female who enjoys traveling and hiking. On occasion, she loves to go hiking at new places that she hasn’t been to before. By using this app, she could be standing on top of a hill overlooking the entire skyline while pinpointing certain areas on the camera viewfinder to see exactly what city/town it is, and what places are around that location. A sidebar or opaque diagram will pop up with all the details, and she can tell exactly what’s over there instead of wondering “Hmm, I wonder what’s over there” or “Is that side over there still part of LA?”


TapShot app is available for mobile purchase.
You can purchase the app for only $3.99. Start using TapShot today by downloading
from your favorite app store!



Danielle Lam is a Graphic Designer who also specializes in Photography and Videography.
She graduated from Cal State University of Fullerton back in 2016 and since then has done work for the
NBA, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Reebok CrossFit Games, and other big time sports companies.
Danielle is currently working on a mobile application for the CrossFit community that will change the way
athletes interact with their bodies and also with their competitors. 


Yunna Choi is a Graphic Designer. Yunna completed her BFA degree from California
State University, Fullerton in 2016. Yunna specializes in mobile application design and web design.
She has completed projects for Valve, Kakao, Too Faced Cosmetics, Sephora and many other design firms.
Currently, Yunna continues to focus her strengths in mainly mobile application design
and hopes to be recognized internationally.