Introducing the astro kitchenette - the virtual reality cooking system that cooks real food when you bake! The Astro Kitchenette hooks up to the common, futuristic, Oculus device. When you wear the oculus, you are immersed into a retro, neo futuristic kitchen. Accompanying you on your neo futurist, cuisine experience is your astronaut best friend guide, Cadette Rosette from the intergalactic Space Chef Academy. As the product’s mascot, think of her as the Astro Kitchenette’s equivalent of Clippy, the Microsoft Word assistant. When you connect the oculus to your Astro Kitchenette 3D food printer system, it allows the chef to have their creations come to life. As you create via the oculus, what was once virtual becomes organic. Safe, edible and fun for all ages, especially at parties! Multiple ports are available on the Astro Kitchenette to allow more than one player. The Astro Kitchenette comes with the game, but Oculus not included with purchase.

This artifact, Astro Kitchenette, features a game included, to allow a more interactive and fantasy role play adventure while someone cooks/bakes. What you bake in the game ends up 3D printing, that way you can actually smell what your making, and you can make it any color or be as creative as you want. This allows a mess free enviornment for both parents, and children, or even grandma who wants to bake for her family without the hassle of cleaning up. No dirty pots or pans, no drips on the floor, or splats on the wall, no mess at all! Lastly its the best party game accessorie, with our muliple ports for occulus’s, so anyone can play with friends and family any time.

Revived from the classic retro toy “easy bake oven” and brought back to virtual reality gaming combined with improved and innovative 3D Easy Bake printing/cooking. Our engineers wanted to bring back this classic game but we wondered, how to take away the mess of cleaning up the kitchen ware. Thus the Astro Kitchenette was born! After many prototypes, our product became the first of it’s kind to print food in real time to occulus game it comes with. We made it simple and easy to set up and put away. The only thing needed is the food ink to be replaced in a timley matter. Our team is still looking into developing a way to prevent food from expiring.

My name is Grace Clones and I decided to purchase the Astro Kitchenette for my rachet jagger party for easter weekend.My boyfriend and I already have, like, four oculus rifts at our home, so we could just plug those into the Astro Kitchenette, and get the party going! Yea, I heard it was the best party game of the year, so like I HAD to get it, especially since it’s multiplayer, like that’s just going to keep everyone busy, plus that fact it cooks while people have fun, so like it’s basically hosting the party for me! Well, I still need to talk to people but at least food is being handled. Also the pastel imagery of the product just goes really well with my easter party theme, I don’t have to hide it, like I have to hide or refurnish the occulus’s. Those come in fugly colors, but the Astro Kitchenette and super cute, I might get one for my mom as an Easter gift, she’ll love the color and the fact that she won’t have to cook, because she hates cook- ing. Haha. Yea, it’s a great product, it just really satisfies the lazy American lifestyle.

Little Susan is a 10 year-old, futuristic, latchkey kit. She has made it home from virtual school. Her mother, however, is still at work on the moon. She will not be home from the space station until nearly 6:00! As it is only 4:00 at the moment, there is no rush. Time passes, and Little Susan has finished her home- work. Mother is still is not home. Dinnertime is getting close. What will she do? Besides whipping up a quick meal, the Astro Kitchennette has the special virtual game feature. The combination of the retro Easy Bake Oven and Oculus result in a virtual cooking experience interpreted into a videogame. The infinite amount of choices will leave Little Susan occupied and kill some time. As dinnertime approaches, Little Susan is becoming hungry. Once again, mother is still not home. This is where the duel advantage of the Astro Kitchenette’s video game feature comes in. Once the game is finished, the virtual winnings materialize as actual food in the attached 3D printer. After a session of games, Little Susan has a snack to tie her over as her mother finishes her commute back.

With 5 easy installments, the Astro-Kitchenette is yours!

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