What is holowrap?

Our product, Holowrap, is a cling wrap specially designed to be placed over furniture, portraits, and housing walls. Once fully covered, the wrap becomes a holographic screen that creates an illusion of the desired appearance that the client can select from our product store app.

The purpose of the Holowrap is to provide an inexpensive method of changing the decor of your house with ease. By purchasing different design skins, you can quickly change the style of your house to a new fashion without the hassle of buying and moving your furniture.

Using holowrap is easy

Holowrap is an excellent way to impress your friends, family, clients, or boss with the appearance of your home without breaking your budget.

Bored of your current style? Our Holostylists are constantly updating the app with new and fresh designs to keep up with fashion trends and provide a multitude of designs for any preference.

It's also great for placing on walls if you want to display creative patterns and images or to change the color of the room to match the furniture without the hassle of repainting.

Want to create your own designs to utilize? Upgrade the app and show off your creative side in your own home!

User Stories

Valerie volunteered to host the next Superbowl game at her house and wanted to fully decorate for the event. Wanting to impress her friends and coworkers, who were a mix of avid fans of both teams, she used the theme for one team for half of the Holowrap covers in her house, and half for the other. Also, to provide additional entertainment, she also used one of her wall wraps as a chart to place bets and games during the Superbowl. After the game was over, everyone was impressed with the effort Valerie put in with her Holowraps, and agreed that she would be hosting the next party. Once everyone left, she effortlessly switched the house decor to how she left it using the app and went about enjoying the rest of her day.

Josh is a student that has lived in his home for several years and needs to decorate for when he has friends over. An obstacle he faces is that work has been slow and so hiring an interior designer would be out of the question due to budget restraints. The user is attracted to Holowrap due to simplicity as well as ease of ordering patterns on the Holowrap app. With premade color schemes and patterns provided by Holowrap's designers, Josh chooses a modern design scheme that satisfied his palette. The scheme was purchased and uploaded to the existing Holowrap panels throughout the home. With the help of Holowrap, Josh transformed his living space without having to empty his wallet on an interior decorator or the hassle of repainting or buying new furniture.


Art Deco

Bold colors and patterns

Sharp angles and zigzags

Deep red, bright blue, black, teal, and orange


Simple and clean

Contrasting colors and textures

Grey, red, black, white, and orange

Mid-Century Modern

Clean, minimalist lines

Unexpected colors

Blue, green, rust, and pastels


Heavily influenced by Japanese design

Emphasis on negative space

Red, yellow, blue, black, white

Self Expression

Combination of high-tech and naturel elements

Bold patterns

Brick red, gold, avocado, green, pink, and rust

The New Modern

Floral prints and patterns

Overstuffed furniture

Burgundy, gold, pastels, beige, and mauve


Art deco, minimalist, and modernist influences

Metal and glass accents

Grey, beige, hunter green, peache, and mint green


Functional yet sophisticated comfort

Combines eclectic elements with a unifying theme

Navy, ligt blue, brown, orange, soft yellow, purple, and olive



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