Typography-focused book covers for comedy fantasy series by Terry Pratchett.
Client: Class | Medium: Print | 2017

Sysco Gourmet Show

Invitation for Sysco Los Angeles' Gourmet Food Show in September 2015.
Client: Sysco LA | Medium: Print | 2015

Sysco Hispanic Show

Invitation for Sysco Los Angeles' Hispanic Food Show in August 2015.
Client: Sysco LA | Medium: Print | 2015

Caraway Ice Cream

Colorful branding, packaging, and sophisticated advertising for a homemade ice cream brand.
Client: Caraway | Medium: Packaging | 2015

CPP Beer Fest Promo

Motion graphics promotional video for Cal Poly Pomona's first annual Beer Festival.
Client: CPP | Medium: Motion Graphics | 2015


Illustrating the effects of mental illness, in this case Alzheimer's Disease.
Client: Personal | Medium: Print | 2014

Wired & Tired

Campaign to increase awareness of caffeine addiction and promote healthier options.
Client: Class | Medium: Print | 2014

Art Department

Created a brand identity and collateral for Cal Poly Pomona's Art Department.
Client: Class | Medium: Branding | 2014

Health Fest

Campaign for a campus Health Festival to attract students to participate.
Client: CPP Student Health | Medium: Print | 2014