REVIVE is your new favorite way to document memories. Using the latest technology, you will be able to post your most memorable experiences in a virtual world. REVIVE allows you to drop memories such as photos, videos, and voice recordings in the location of where you are present. REVIVE also allows you to turn your mobile into different directions and see other memories dropped by various people.


- drop memories such as videos,photos and voice recordings in a specific location

- walk around different locations to grab and view memories

- take high quality photos, videos, and voice recordings through the app

- be able to search memories by location even without being there

- search memories by username and categories

- edit your memories with awesome filters

- add friends and share through REVIVE and other social media sites

User Stories

Chris // Age:24
Chris and his girlfriend are enjoying a brunch at the beautiful Laguna Beach. As they look off into the ocean, they realize they want to capture and share this moment forever. Using the REVIVE App, they ask the waiter to take a photo of them and their beautiful view and drop their memory for their followers and other viewers to see.

Mackenzie // Age:19
Mackenzie is going to Coachella for the first time this year and is extremely excited. She wants to make the most out of her experience so she downloads the REVIVE App. She searches the Coachella location on REVIVE from previous years to browse through memories others have posted to help inspire her outfit choices, find all the cool hangouts at the festival, and to listen to her favorite performers.

Meet The Team

REVIVE App creators Taylor Moore and Azin Espahbod are both seniors at California State University, Fullerton studying graphic design. They have a great interest in UX and UI design, and enhancing the experience of social media today, which inspired the app's creation.