Trash Scan

The Interactive Trash Can


Trash Scan is an advanced disposal system designed to assist you through your busy life. The device works as a trash can and a grocery list generator. Your shopping list is now ready for purchase at the touch of a button. As a convenience you can also editing your list while on the go. Trash Scan is a medium sized compact trash can that is battery efficient and connects to your phone, tablet and computer.


• Recyclables indicator
• Automatic list generation
• One touch purchasing
• Environmentally Conscious

How It Works

User Reviews

Great price and great quality. I was able to order directly form the menu screen and edit the list through my mobile phone. A great investment to my house.

I am a single working mom and Trash Scan assists me through my busy schedule. I buy everything I need from the generated list and edit my list while I am on the go.


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