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Kava is a new piece of technology in coffee. Kava is made to brew coffee in a specific, precise, and consistent way to avoid irregular flavor and guarantee the perfect cup of coffee. There are many different types of coffee beans and they all have unique ways to be grinded. The technology of Kava was made to ensure that each type of coffee bean gets grinded up in the way it is intended. Kava also has the ability to remember your preferences, tastes in coffee, and drinking habits.

Kava takes out the complexity of brewing your coffee to perfection, and simplifies the process through a website and smart-phone app. There you can download recipes at the tap of a button from our custom developed library. You no longer have to worry about having a stash of coffee k-pods or coffee beans lying around. Kava takes the hassle out of disposing coffee filters and plastic Keurig/Nespresso pods. We designed Kava to bring great cups of coffee from around the world, right into your home.

Consistently Delicious.


Whatever your coffee needs, Kava does it all

Learns What You Like

Based on your brews, Kava will learn what type of drinks you like and will recommend drinks.

Set a Schedule

Choose your from your favorite brews and set a schedule or specific time for Kava to prepare it for you.

Download and Manage Recipes

Download recipes from a library of drinks, set the ingredients in Kava, and let it take care of the rest.

Mobile App

Manage all of Kava's settings on the go and at home through its phone app.

Brewing good coffee just got easy.

How it Works

Step One

When first open, you will be prompted to pair to your Kava Machine. The Schedule tab will let you choose a brew from your favorites, manage and set a schedule for your machine to start brewing for you.

Step Two

The Recipe tab will let you browse all of Kava's brew categories and favorite them. From there you will be able to view all of the ingredients needed and set kava to make the beverage.

Step Three

The Personal tab will let you view your favorite drinks, their ingredients, and set Kava to brew your drink for you. Kava will also recommend beverages to you based on similar drinks you have favorited.

Step Four

Insert the ingredients needed for your specific brew. Sit back and let Kava brew you a delicious beverage. When Kava is finished making your drink, a notification will be sent to your phone.

Refreshingly Simple

User Stories

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah is a young twenty-six your old coffee loving accountant who is living in Los Angeles. She is enjoying living life in the city with all the things to do, see, and eat. Despite her already owning a coffee machine, she finds herself going out nearly every morning to the nearby coffee shops to get a cup of coffee every morning. These coffee shops offer her a convenience and variety that she simply can’t get from her own machine. This is causing her to spend much more than she needs and wants to on coffee. With KAVA Sarah is able to browse all the pre-set brewing methods and be able to choose a different mocha, latte, frap, or espresso every day.
  • Joe Schmo

    For Joe, most difficult part between working nine-to-five and having three kids, is the mornings. Joe and his wife try to wake up early in the morning so that they have enough time to wake themselves up with a shower and the cup of coffee before they having to check up on the kids. But what often happens is he and his wife push the snooze button too much. This causes them to either miss out on their much-needed cup of morning coffee or have to settle for a mediocre fast food chain cup of coffee. With KAVA Joe will be able create a schedule for his coffee. When that alarm goes off in the morning even if he does hit that snooze button, his coffee is will always be there waiting for him.

Perfect for any coffee lover.

Pre Order

Kava will be available in store and online 1/1/2090

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The Team

  • Jennifer Alcomendas

    "As a graphic designer, Jennifer relies on coffee to get the job done. But she's always weary of the stale and overly roasted beans, so she wanted to create a machine that would give her more control of her cups of coffee."
  • Josh Cuellar

    I'm from Santa Ana California, where I've lived my entire life. currently a student at California State University Fullerton studying Graphic Design and Computer Science. I have a particular passion for computers and art, I developed a interest for computers and art at a very young age and have been pursuing my passion ever since.