The Pig.Mix color scanner is the ultimate tool for any artist who wants to recreate any color in front of them at the palm of their hand. The Pig.Mix is a device that scans the color of any solid surface and then produces paint in that exact color. This is the perfect device for painters, interior designers, and graphic designers.


The Pig.Mix device has a usb port that allows it to be recharged and connected to your computer to transfer information on any color scan for future use. The Pig.Mix battery can last for 70 uses with only one charge. Similar to a printer, the Pig.Mix contains four paint cartridges (yellow ochre, burnt siena, ultramarine blue, titanium white) that need to be refilled every few weeks in order to keep producing paint. The Pig.Mix color scanner has a small LED screen that gives you information of a scanned color, shows battery life, and displays when it needs new paint cartridges. This device will soon replace every paint tube and it will make painting a lot faster and easier for everyone.

User Stories

Crecencia, 23, Lawyer | Painter
Crecencia is an immigration lawyer who lives in Alabama. She went to law school in North Carolina and then took community college classes and received an Associate’s degree in Art. She has a passion for painting and creates commissioned works a few times a year but finds it extremely stressful with her crazy work schedule. The most tedious part about painting for Crecencia is mixing her paint before she actually starts. Sometimes Crecencia will spend and over an hour mixing paints and then throws it away because she is not happy with her palette direction. With the Pig-Mix she’ll never have to worry about wasting paint mixing the wrong colors ever again.

Marcelino, 27, Father | Graphic Designer
Marcelino is a father of four who works as a graphic designer from home. He does plenty of freelance work with different clients. Marcelino looks for inspiration everywhere he goes. He never has time to be alone because he always has to look after his children. He creates mood boards for his clients and is always putting color palettes together for them. Marcelino sometimes has a hard time visualizing color palettes and could really use the Pig.Mix device to help him document the different colors he comes across in his day and keep them in his small color swatch book.


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Fabian Landeros
Whenever he's not in class, you can find Fabian wandering inside used book stores, record shops looking for new music to add to his collection, or at a local theme park being overworked and underpaid.

Julia Nativdad
Whenever she's not in class you can find Julia helping her parents run their business, exploring art museums and galleries and hiking around California.