No Tails Left Behind


As a pet owner having your pet get lost is a scary reality. There is microchipping technology out there that can place your contact information inside of it once it has been scanned. This of course only works if your pet has been picked up by an animal shelter or vet clinic. Sometimes this is not the case. Pets that get lost are unfortunately never get found.

With the PetBuddy you can login to your app on your mobile device and GPS tracking will let your know right away know where your pet is. You can also look thru the PetBuddy camera and see if your pet is any immediate danger. There is no need to stress or worry any longer. Modern technology has enabled us to track and monitor our health and vitals. Why not have that for our pets? Especially since they are not able to communicate when they are not feeling well. The built in sensor tracks our pets vitals constantly and learns about your pets specific behaviors. If your pet is acting abnormal, the PetBuddy will alert you.


Real time GPS tracking

Emergency Vet and Poison Control contact number

Waterproof and Dirt Resistant

Constantly monitors pets vitals

How it Works

Meet Us

My name is Mary Tchakmakian. I am an avid pet lover and have three babies of my own. I am always worried about my pets since they are such an important part of my life. I wanted to create a device that would put any pet parent at ease while they are away at work or just running errands.

My name is Miguel Maya. I have had a pet almost my whole life. I have grown attached to many friendly pet companions. My biggest fear is that something bad will happen to my best friend. Therefore a device in which I can watch over and protect my best friend would be ideal.


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App for up to date information on your pet
Available for both iOS and Android compatiable