nCube is your home’s remote control with a twist that allow you get rid of a confusing amount of apps, manage everything in your home simultaneously over your smartphone and save on bills and resources along the way.


Combining usability with an eye-catching design, nCube has a strong focus on getting a wide range of devices to work together to provide things like:

• Advanced security: Learning the homeowner’s lifestyle so for peace of      mind the home looks lived in whilst they are away on holiday.
• Harmonised wake-up: A comforting start to the day throughout the home.
• Warm return home: A rewarding welcome in the evening.
• Reduced bills: A better way to manage energy consumption and costs.



nCUBE was founded in 1983 in Beaverton, Oregon by a group of Intel employees frustrated by Intel's reluctance to enter the parallel computing market, though Intel released their iPSC/1 in the same year as the first nCUBE was released. In December 1985, the first generation of nCUBE's hypercube machines were released. The second generation (N2) was launched in June 1989. The third generation (N3) was released in 1995. The fourth generation (N4) was released in 1999.


nCube protects and manages your home from anywhere using the nCube Home hub and App with just a few simple clicks and no monthly fees!


Joanne is a senior living alone. She often times have difficulty controlling her devices and appliances at home. She is very adept in using technology because she used to be a computer programmer. The problem in her house is accesibility.

Lucy is a 35 year old single mom who works in an international trading company. She has a good income, but she has little free time. Last month, her 10 year old son forgot to turn off the fire after cooking. She began to worry about the safety of her family.