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Nutrinotes is a mobile application designed to make calorie tracking easier. Using artificial intelligence and innovative object recognition software, Nutrinotes uses a mobile’s camera to analysis data points to for types of food, serving size, and food density. It then uses the predicted ingredient list to give user an estimated calorie count, macros, and vitamins data of their meal.


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Our Mission

Here at Nutrinotes we believe in striving to be and feel your best. We know eating clean is not always the easiest task so we started Nutrinotes with the intent to provide a useful, convenient, and beautiful application to help make healthy choices just a bit easier…and fun!


Food is the center of life but no one should be stuck counting calories instead of enjoying their meal. Nutrinotes helps you develop a healthy relationship with food so you can enjoy the flavors of life. Nutrinote’s predicted ingredients list helps you understand what your meal is made of and what elements are the most nutritious and which ones you might want to pass on next time.


There is nothing more factual than data. Nutrinotes helps visualize those scary numbers in a way that is easy to understand. Data visualization helps you quickly see where you are succeeding and what areas you might want to concentrate on. This way YOU can make the choices that are right for you. Export your data to your favorite fitness app like MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health and Fitbit.

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Nutrinotes set up a beta test with 1,000 people for 4 weeks and the results surpassed our expectations.
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"As a fitness coach, I tend to keep track of what I eat by always looking at the nutrition facts. It gets hard to track sometimes when I eat at a restaurant and the nutrition facts are not listed or there is no barcode available. I would generally estimate the number of calories but it is never turns out accurate. This is where Nutrinotes has come in handy. The app has made my life easier."
- Jake

"I never tracked my calories because it was a hassle to constantly be calculating everything and having to search for more information online. I often take photos of my food for social media so Nutrinotes made calorie tracking very easy for me. I recommend this app for everyone, whether you are into health and fitness or not. By using this application, it has improved my life for the better."
- Mary

Development Team


Recently launched, Nutrinotes is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Try it out and provide feedback either positive or negative so we can improve our app to better suit you. After all, we made it for you!