Optic is a modern hands-free alternative to phones and camera for taking pictures and recording videos. It’s a comfortable contact lens with an embedded wireless microchip that tracks your eye movements. Through that, it can take photos and videos. Those images are saved automatically to your computer or phone via bluetooth.

This new smart contact lens would have a tiny CMOS camera sensor just below your pupil, control circuit, and some method of receiving power wirelessly. Because an imaging sensor, by definition, has to absorb light, it wouldn’t be transparent — but it could probably be color matched to your iris, so that your eyes don’t look too freaky.



The soft, thin layers of the lens are moisturizing and breathable to prevents any irritation or dry eyes. The chip and antenna of the device are outside of the pupil and most of the iris so there won’t be any damage to the eyes. LED lights within the lens give a glowing iris look to the user and can be bought in different colors for a unique look. These lenses can also be correctional for those with poor vision.



We design and fit Optic Contact Lenses which are custom designed from your corneal “fingerprint”. Optic’s special video camera and software digitally maps your cornea with thousands of numbers. We then use the map data and Optic’s special design software to create a custom lens that follows almost every tiny shape on your cornea.


User Reviews

Stories from satisfied testers.


I use it to record special moments with my boyfriend and friends. We go out to restaurants, clubs, and amusement parks where I can use Optic with no hassle. Amusement parks usually don’t allow cameras on rides but I can use Optic without breaking rules. I don’t bother anyone at restaurants with camera flashes either because Optic automatically adjusts the light settings.


I use it to record hiking and physical fitness videos. The video quality is amazing. It helps me keep track of my workouts too with visual progress instead of using a bunch of apps. I also use it to take photos during class lectures without bothering anybody. It can connect easily to my computer wirelessly to store and save pictures and video.

Meet The Team

In 2021 after years of development, an innovative team comprising of Melina Ahmadzadeh, Sara Mirbaha, and professional engineers and scientists revealed the final version of OPTIC. Currently the product is available for a limited pre-order before being released fully to the public. Test runs of OPTIC were very successful, so Melina and Sara have no doubt that their product will go above and beyond in pioneering technology for the future.

Sara Mirbaha

Graphic Designer and Photographer

"Converting emotions to pictures is the most exciting aspect of design for me. Creating new design to absorb people’s attention is exciting and felicific. A great design always draws everybody’s attention because it’s unique and fabulous. Every artist has his or her own technique but improving that technique and fixing its problems is what makes a great design different from the ordinary every day design."

Melina Ahmadzadeh

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

"Emerging from a traditional background and into a more digital field, I want to push even further with design to enter the new technological revolution. Despite the clean-cut forms that design takes now, there can still be a connect with the users to build a connection and touch someone at their core. That is the design that I strive to achieve."

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