What Is It?

Naté revolutionizes the future of deciding what you want to eat and who you want to eat with. With state-of-the-art technology that analyzes the flavor palette and craving tendencies of your tastebuds, our products create tablets that chemically react on your tongue to taste like whatever your body unconsciously desires. Our mobile app also lets you interact with other users who may have similar flavor palettes and eat at locally reviewed restaurants that are selected to cater to your tastes. With Naté, you will never have to worry about the indecisiveness of eating ever again.

How It Works

With our recently developed technology, our company has managed to manufacture a portable scanner that analyzes the current cravings of your tastebuds and generate data based upon its observations. It then sends that data to a tablet dispenser that customizes each tablet to the most recent scan's findings. Whether you're craving sweet, sour, salty, savory, or bitter food, our tablet will chemically react with your tongue to create sensations that match your tastebud's mood.


User Stories

Janan, a self-described hipster, can never decide what she wants to eat or where she wants to eat due to her indecisiveness when it comes to food because she likes to eat everything. Additionally, she has a crippling fear of eating alone in public because she is self-conscious of people possibly judging her solitude. She spends practically her whole lunch break deliberating where she can potentially eat and ends up getting the closest fast-food as a last resort. Upon discovering the Naté products and app, Janan no longer has to worry about what she wants to eat, due to the tablet fulfilling the cravings of her tastebuds, or eating alone as she has set up a flavor profile on the app where she can meet up with people who have similar cravings or taste. Now, Janan can either enjoy the taste tablet when she has to stay at work to do a project or she can meet with people who have compatible flavor palettes and eat at trendy places.

David, an unmarried freelancer, is constantly on the job and works from home. Since his lunch time varies from being self employed, he often eats lunch by himself and finds it difficult to figure what taste he desires as his ex-wife was a constant lunch and work partner in the past. His grief was hindering his ability to act on his cravings and enjoy what different foods have to offer. After working for hours from home, David stumbles upon Naté from his desktop after looking for a solution to his hermit tendencies and indecisiveness on what to eat. By observing the flavor profiles of others he finds that he is not alone in his search for flavor. From Naté, David learns he will never have to decide for himself what his acquired taste is and who might accompany him while delving into his desired tastes.

Naté App

The accompanying app to our products enable users to interact with other nearby users to completely change the concept of going out to eat. Naté generates a profile for you, lets you post pictures and reviews of restaurants you have eaten at, and notifies of any nearby users who may have the same flavor palette as you. Now you can meet new people who want to eat the same types of food as you... you'll never have to worry about eating alone again!

About Us

Growing up in Southern California, there was never a lack of trendy food places that had innovative designs. Figuring out what you wanted to eat and who you wanted to eat with was another story. Combining my love for food and graphic design led to the development of the Naté product and app in order to help people who have busy Socal lives to find easier ways to eat what they like and meet more people in our diverse environment.

Raised in a cultural family, food has always been a vital part of socializing and experiencing the world around me. Whether it be by yourself or with a group of friends, eating food enables you to appreciate and understand the diversity of ethnicities that Southern California has to offer. Using my graphic design skills, I wanted to help develop a new way to experience eating and the social aspects of it. Naté acts as a platform by which people can expand their horizons when it comes to understanding their own sense of taste and those around them.