The Wayfinder is a handheld GPS device used for daylong hikes and or backpacking adventures. This device is small and compact but is as strong as a satellite phone. The Wayfinder updates you on your progression through your hike, as well as monitors your safty by sending updated signals to Park Rangers to notify them of where you are at that moment. Wayfinder is also equipped with an emergency button, So that no matter where you are you always know that help is around the corner.


The Wayfinder is a handheld GPS device comes in handy on hiking and mountaineering trips as it allows you to easily navigate your way even when visibility is poor or the landscape has little or no distinct features. The Wayfinder handheld devices have several advantages in comparison to Smartphones. It is the lightest and smallest device for any outdoor adventure because of it's sleek design. The device is very compact as well as waterproof and shock-resistant, which makes it perfect for hiking, mountaineering, trekking and other outdoor activities.The Wayfinder device connects directly with the ranger station, and will automatically update both parties upon reaching the Waypoints throughout the adventure. Beause of the built in speaker, rangers can automatically send weather updates or emergency notifications to anyone out on the trails.

The target audience for this product is.... everyone. It will ensure your safety and not take away for the adventure you seek. Regardless of whatever adventure you enjoy weather its hiking, mountaineering, climbing, trekking, hunting, or backpacking, you will have the state of mind that you are safe throughout every step of your journey.


The Wayfinder comes with different types of attachments depending on the hike you are going on. We have the window attachment for your car. The tile rests on the front so that you can see your correct direction of travel. When illuminated green, continue on your path, you are headed in the correct direction. When illuminated red, change your direction until the Wayfinder illuminates green again.

The most commonly used is our backpack attachment. This straps to any backpack and does not portrude farther that 1 inch so as not to come into contact with any objects you might be hiking by. Once again, while hiking make sure that the light is always illuminated green, if the Wayfinder turns red, change your direction of travel until it illuminates green once again.

We also have a keychain carrier. Which helps demonstrate that the motion and direction of the Wayfinder will impact the color of the LED lights. When pointed in the correct direction you will see green. When going the incorrect direction, the LED light will illuminated red until proper directional adjustments have been made

Product Users

Cheyenne Greenwood is a 24-year-old avid outdoorswoman. She has traveled around the United States and has made it her mission to camp at every National Forest. 2 years ago she visited Zion National Park in Utah and decided to go on the hike called The Subway Trail. Unfortunately half way through her hike her trail map was destroyed and she ended up stranded in the canyon for the night. Luckily she is an experienced camper so she had all the supplies she needed for the night, however if that had been another less experienced hiker/camper, it could have been a catastrophic event. Now Cheyenne is returning to the same trail 2 years later, only this time she has a new device that the Ranger Stations have been handing out called a Wayfinder. Cheyenne set out on the hike without a trail guide to test the Wayfinders navigation system, and to her surprise it works perfectly! When she’s headed in the right direction her navigation system illuminates green, and when she heads in the wrong direction it illuminates red. To Cheyenne’s surprise the Wayfinder also gives her updates on her estimated completement time, as well as reminding her to hydrate when passing the waypoints.

Kevin is a 35 year old father of 2 that loves the outdoors. He recently returned from a trip to Yosemite National Park, and is raving about a new hiking device called the Wayfinder. Kevin told a story about his almost one-way trip up to Half Dome. Kevin had left early in the morning with a few of his friends to climb to the top of half dome. It was a beautiful day and everything seemed to be going right. About half way through the hike he started noticing the Wayfinder on his shoulder was flashing bright red, and very shortly after it made an announcement stating an unexpected storm, and that all hikers needed to evacuate the mountain immediately. Kevin and his friends turned back, and when they reached civilization they heard from a near by Ranger, that one hiker had not headed the warning and fell to his death. At that moment Kevin understood how important this new system was, and how big it was going to become.


Cody is a current student at Cal State Fullerton studying Graphic design and illustration. Cody loves the outdoors and anything encompassing adventure. Cody believes the Wayfinder is an important new device that will help save many lives out on the trails.

Wendy is a current student at Cal State Fullerton studying Graphic Design and Illustration. Wendy passion is anything adventure and outdoors. Her experiences in the outdoors and first hand experience has taught that there is a need for a product like this.