Hello, My name is Jessica Garcia, I go by Sweet_Ivy in anything I create digitally. Ivy comes from my middle name which is actually Ivette. Here I have both my graphic design work and my illustration work.

Graphic Design

Jones Soda Bottle Label

Spring 2018

The Jones Soda bottle labels were redesigned based on an archetype. My chosen archetypes were both Magician and Dreamer. I implemented the idea of magic tricks to the cards, and soft colors and dreamcatchers for the Dreamer archetype.

Editorial Magazine

Fall 2017

Given the choice to decide the topic, this magazine is about resin and the many uses it has in arts and crafts and the fine arts.

Journal Covers

Fall 2014

Here are four journal covers I designed based on our classmate's interview that is based around them. My classmate had love for the 90s cartoons, and missing home in the Phillipines. So I based her personality with ideas based around those.

Music Festival Posters

Fall 2014

This pieces was a redesign of an existing music festival in Colorado. This was my first version of the redesign to look more modern and festive.

This second design attempt and the main design aspect was the snowball which is accentuated in the same way as the previous one.


Character Sketch

Spring 2017

A character I sketched and transferred into photoshop and did a few head shots of the characters facial characteristics.

Lucid Dramer

Spring 2016

This narrative story was created based on a dream where the lucid dreamer can travel and explore her dream and has an adventure in order to fulfill her destiny.

The Fish, Spring 2015

This piece here illustrates the many ways a goldfish is treated after their unfateful death. It shows it gets flushed down the drain, flushed down the toilet, thrown in the trash, or fed to the cat.

Amy Boopified Winehouse

Summer 2015

This caricature of Amy Winehouse was designed in the style of Betty Boop. The design seemed fitting to the style the singer's gnere in music.


I love to create to create and design many things, so if you have a question or comment please let me know. By contacting through email, and I'll get back to you soon.