The purpose of the website is to sell a variety of products. The website is predominately a women’s clothing brand but since their arrival in 2013 they have expanded on their products. Their shop includes a paper section where they sell different paper products like stickers, prints, postcards, greeting cards, journals, and planners. Another section includes accessories such as purses, bags, hats, wallets, pins, and chokers for them bad mamas. The website now includes technology sections where they designed cases for phones, portable chargers, and laptop sleeves. The shop also includes a seasonal section where they currently are displaying valentine’s day products. In the other tab the website includes look books where they display all their clothing through photography. The look books consist of clothing drops that the company has and is used to advertise the new apparels. The website also has a tab called “ValfreLand” where they post their Girl Crushes, Music Monday, and other topics they and their following obsess over such as women empowerment and horoscopes. On the last tab the website gives back to the customer by having a rewards system for those who continuously shop with them.