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In this presentation, we will be discussing the super corporation Apple, and its website. Given its prominence in the market around the world, it should make a good study. Today we will examine their brand for UX/UI, and a little background information on how Apple began.

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General Purpose

Appleā€™s website aims to market and promote the sale of their products. Their website design allows consumers to have quick and direct access to their inventory, creating a smooth, noise-free space where the focus is on nothing but the products--it emulates simplicity with an edge.

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History: The Steves

Looking back at where it all started, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are the founders. The two met while attending a computer club together in Menlo Park in CA, 1975. Wozniak produced the first type-writer like keyboard and connected a regular tv as a screen--what we know now as the Apple I. Later Wozniak was interviewed about creating the Apple I, and he said that his intention for creating it wasn't really to show the world that here is the direction it should go in, but to get acknowledgement and bragging rights for having designed a very inexpensive computer.