The Craft Box is a mobile printer device that gives the user the ability to make quick prints on the fly. The days of printing at your local print shop is now over, the Craft Box is designed to give less stress and making life easier. Craft Box is a graphic designers dream tool, everyday college students and graphic designers in the business world struggle with deadlines and printing on time for clients and school projects. The Craft Box was made solely for this purpose to minimize stress and helping designers meet their quota at the end of the day.

The design is made of high-end hardware, it has a touch screen interface and it’s able to scan, print, measure and the size itself is portable. The ink and battery can be hot swapped it also has a internal memory and can be used with desktop and mobile devices. The Craft Box was made for graphic designers but also for any user for everyday use.


The Craft Box provides functions that allows for convenient printing service for those on the go or for those that do not have space for a regular printer. Large format printing is now more economical with the Craft Box since it can do any custom size you need!

• Print
• Cut
• Scan
• Portable Size
• Touch Display
• Internal Memory
• Mobile Application
• Digital Measurements
• Hot Swap Battery and Ink
• Windows, macOS, and Linux Compatible



Blake is business owner that uses Craft Box as a result of many business travels he needs to do every month. The Craft Box allows Blake to print last minute forms and paperwork that he needs for meetings. The Craft Box also allows him to save time as he does not have to find a print shop and then spend time trying to get his prints correct with that print shop's hardware. The Craft Box's easy to use design also helps those that are not as good with new technology such as Blake.


Abigail has been using the Craft Box since it’s first release, she is a graphic designer who is currently trying to finish her BFA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design at California State University, Fullerton. Ever since the craft box has been released. She's never had any issues printing a project, especially if it was due on the day of. Besides school projects she can print documents on the go without any trouble and the light material of the device itself makes it easy carrying it around.


Craft Box is available on all platforms, ready to create on the go. Specify what you are using to download the Craft Box software! Craft Box is available on the latest hardware and is also backwards compatible with older operating systems. We take pride in our ability to provide a user-friendly combination of software and hardware.


Fill out the form to buy your own Craft Box! We offer three different sizes, each one will be able to print materials efficiently depending on the size.

• 2x2 inches
• 64GB memory
• 8 hours battery life
• Fits in your pocket

• 5x5 inches
• 128GB memory
• 12 hours battery life
• Finishes letter size paper fast

• 10x10 inches
• 256GB memory
• Affordable large format printing
• Easy to put in storage

Our Team

Alex Kim

Alex Kim is the Co-Founder of the Craft Box. Alex was the developer of the smartphone application for the Craft Box. Alex's background in graphic design has helped Craft Box provide a smartphone application that is user friendly. The Craft Box is a product that Alex will use in his career as a designer as it allows him to execute projects on the go.

Christopher Trinh

Christopher Trinh is the Co-Founder of Craft Box. With a background in graphic design, Chris developed the design of the Craft Box along with the visual style of the Craft Box. Chris has always been a fan of portable technology such as UMPC's, ultrabooks, and netbooks. Chris' love for technology is what caused this collaboration with Alex to develop a product that features portability and user friendly design.