Altar De Lxs Meurtxs (ADLM) started as an idea and after much hard work and dedication has become reality. There were so many unanswered questions when it came to death. ADLM has made it our mission to help people discover and reconnect with the afterlife! Have a loved one that you would like to speak with? Is there someone you need some guidance from? Are there any unanswered questions you want resolved? Book your next visit with us and get all the clarity you need. You can start signing up to visit the dead October 1st but do not wait to long as our services are limited.


Altar was established in November 2050 marking the 50th Dia de Los muertos celebration in the 21st century. Altar was created by two Latinx designers who identified significantly with the pre-Hispanic culture and aimed to create a lasting device to connect current and past generations through the power of tradition and technology. What began as a local establishment has now transformed into a multi-facilitated organization with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana and Mexico City who serve the public during October 31st through November 2nd. Altar de Lxs Muertxs holds an annual festival celebration known as Noche de Altares to invite people from all over the world to have the chance to connect and reconnect with present and past lives. For visitors who choose to participate in Altar must register and present themselves with certain criteria as established in the features section. The participant will have the opportunity to be present upon an altar device built to create a connection between the living and dead through specific practices.



The tables are made from 100-year-old Socratea Exorrhiza trees that are found throughout Central and South America. These trees grow up to 100 feet tall during that time span and are so deeply rooted that it is said to reach down and draw energy from the dead bodies of the Olmec. The leaves of this tree are pulled thinly apart and braided together to make rope and hold the wood together. Because of the many branches, the pieces are cut individually and tied together. After all the pieces are assembled the wood is furnished and polished to refrain from deteriorating and falling apart. The tables root the person who is visiting the ADLM to their loved one and acts as the bridge between the living and the dead.


The temple is made from gold which is donated to the foundation from the different tribes that got their Spanish Reparations of 2035. The temples are the most important piece to the ADLM because of its unique properties which allows it to establish the connection between the human and spirit world. At the base of the temple individuals place their photo of their loved one, the person’s favorite food, and a personal belonging of them when they were alive. The three pieces are what call the ancestor to the ADLM. When the energy of the spirit arrives at the location an activation sequence occurs. The chain reaction sparks a screen of light into the frame located on the top of the temple where the deceased appear.


The skulls are donated to the ADLM foundation by different Native American tribes, from Latin America, after one of their priest has passed away. We bury the body in a sacred site. All village priests visits the site prior to their death to be blessed by it atleast once in their life time. We bury the body and the natural elements found in the earth deflesh the body through the natural processes. Once the body is completely fleshed off we unbury it. The skull is taken to another facility where we engrave the sugar skull designs onto it and finally dip the entire piece in liquid gold. The skull is placed on top of the temple and when a link is established and deceased ancestor appears acts as both the microphone and speaker which allow people to communicate through the ADLM.


Altar experiences take place during our Noche de Altares event starting November 1st. To begin your experience you must present yourself in front of an Altar De Lxs Muertxs altar. Your altar will be the source of connection. To begin a connection with a past individual. You must present three objects pertaining to the individual: favorite food item, personal object and tangible photograph. All three objects will be placed in their designated area on the altar to act as a catalyst for the altar connection to begin. A successful visual and audio connection will be made when your past individual appears on altar glass frame and their voice can be heard through the golden skull on the altar. Your altar experience has a desginated time frame depending on event location. To maximize your altar visit we recommend utilizing the record experience feature on the altar app available on android and apple products.



Carlos, a 25 year old college graduate, is facing a tremendous loss as his mother, Maria Ramirez, suddenly passed away in her sleep. Carlos finds himself deeply affected by his personal loss as his mother was his only family and is now forced to continue his life without her. During his grief counseling sessions, his therapist recommends the Altar, a non-profit organization that has created a technological advancement for the living and dead to communicate, as means of coping and obtaining closure from his mother’s passing. Hesitant at first Carlos begins to do research through the organization website to discover if this means of communication is what may he needs to move on with his life. The website provides useful information he needs in order to make an informative decision that may impact him.


Erika was set to marry childhood sweetheart, Bryant Reveles, on their 10th anniversary in September. Two days before their union Bryant was involved in a terrible car accident with Erika. Both survived the car accident, but Bryant was in critical condition and placed on life support. On the day of their wedding, Bryant passed away leaving Erika devastated. Weeks pass and Erika begins to take the necessary steps to move on with her life but feels an extreme void in her life. Erika comes across Altar, a non-profit organization helping create a connection between the living and dead, upon a flyer on her local downtown community bulletin board. She connects with Altar’s social media and takes time to connect with Altar past users to find if her request of contacting Bryant can become possible.



Designer | Marketing | Volunteer Coordinator | Co-Founder

Giovanna is a Latinx designer who incorporates her cultural identity within her design work. She is committed to achieving high quality and meaningful design directions with Altar de Lxs Muertxs and hopes to continue her journey with the organization becuase of the amazing work it does.


Designer | Public Relations | Special Events | Co-Founder

Dennis's main goal in life is to give back to his community. Altar is one way to accomplish that. Although he can make a fortune with the business but decided to go non -profit. He was awarded the nobel peace prize back in 2052 after being recognized for the technological advances he created with Altar.