The iCare Lens purpose is to avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses. It will achieve having 20/20 vision and be looking cool in your shades.


The purpose of this device is to help individuals check about how healthy their eyes really are. The iCare Lens, can also detect the likely cause of growing bacteria or disease that may need be detected early if not for the iCare Lens, magnification lens, that can skillfully scan the individuals who eye area in and around the eye. This device will help individuals a good understanding and detailed analysis of the health of their eyes.


• A lens, with a 50mm magnification
100% Completely Safe Laser Scan/Image Enhancement Feature
•A USB port outlet cable to connect to your smart phone with our iCare app

How it Works

1. Connect the lens to your phone through the provided cable.
2. Launch the iCareLENS app.
3. Tap on "Scan my Eye".

User Stories

Angelica Gonzalez, 23 is studying biology and often it becomes difficult for her to perform well because she wears contact lenses. She wants to consider surgery but doesn’t have enough time to go to an optometrist for a consultation. She considers a different alternative and heard about in the news about a device that has been built for smart phone users to try. This device has said to be able to scan your eye, take a screenshot of your eye and gives you a detailed analysis of how healthy your eyes are. She’s amazed by the sudden opportunity and decides to give it a try.

Sophia Smith 17 is in high school and has always been fascinated with space. She hopes to achieve her dream, but she has very bad vision and relies on her glasses. She refuses contacts. She’s afraid of getting her eyes infected. She spoke with her counselor about her issue. Her counselor recommends trying a device that has been getting positive reviews by professionals who have bad vision and rely on glasses or contacts. She’s amused and considers her offer.


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