Le FIT is a full body suit that pairs with your smart phone. This suit has been programed to change appearance based on multiple factors such as weather and occasions or events. The suit will automatically adapt to changing weather but the user will also be able to upload certain outfits based on what is going on in their life.


If the weather is warm the suit will adjust to a shorter length rather than pants. If it begins to rain a personal umbrella will come out of the back of the suit to cover the wearer’s head/body. If the user is going to a wedding or formal dinner they can select formal atire from their uploaded outfit library and change the appearance of the suit to match the formal occasion.


Le FIT is available for download on any device!



Jerry is a 25 year old male who hates checking the weather and preparing his clothing for special occasions. Jerry is new to technology and is not familiar with the latest and most popular apps. One evening while out running errands it started to rain. Jerry was unprepared for the sudden change of weather and got soaked. However, he noticed that the outfit of a person next to him changed instantly to the proper attire. Jerry fascinated by the event rushed over to the stranger to find out as much as possible about what he had witnessed.


Rachel just received a letter in the mail inviting her to attend a fancy dinner in exactly one week! She decides to prepare for this now by going to the mall. She is currently living in Norway and it is the middle of winter and it is snowing outside. She is wearing new technology she just got called Le Fit so she doesnt need to actually go shopping because she can upload he outfits into her suit, but she wants some inspiration and decides to go window shopping. She is prepared for the snow! Le Fit automatically adapts to the cold climate and adds layers and warm shoes to her as she walks to the mall. She gets home from window shopping and uploads a few formal outfits to her Le Fit app to prepare for her formal dinner!


It is our mission to provide one suit for all occasions.

Our Team