What is ambia?

A hoverboard that purifies air

Ambia is a blend of two inventions in order to make air cleanliness fun, convenient, and sleek ... and it proudly begins here in our garage: the air purifier and the hover board. Like an air purifier it will clean automatically while the user navigates / surfs the floors of the room. Drawing from Hendo hoverboards and the Lexus hoverboard as inspiration, the main body will hover above the ground.


How ambia works

Solar-powered and more


Charcoal-infused technology

Charcoal is for caring, and so is Ambia because, with charcoal, Ambia cares for your nose.


Propulsion system

Electrolytes are for dusty space repairs. The side rails of ambia have ambi dots to activate electrolytes that link together to maintain a dust-free space.

Solar Powered

Solar powered

Solar panels are installed across the board.


Our mission

A brighter horizon

“Ambia” comes from “ambiant”, french for “ambient”. The definition of ambient is “relating to the immediate surroundings of something.” We’ve come a long way from our old friend, and we aim to enable youth to continue striving for their ambitions to change the world around them.

For decades, hoverboards use advanced technology to create balance while the user is surfing in the air. Ambia is a hoverboard that uses advanced technology to maintain a dust allergen free environment while users boards the air. What makes Ambia stand out from other futuristic hoverboards is it also removes surrounding dust.



A more productive and
 nose-friendly environment


Mark is the manager in charge of the janitorial staff for a corporation that owns its own offices. A part of the staff’s duties is to dust the offices to help keep the professional work environment clean for the other employees. However, his staff has a lot of other jobs to do like cleaning the windows, maintaining the bathrooms, vacuuming, and throwing out the trash. To increase his staff’s efficiency he elects to use his budget to invest in a few ambia that his staff can use to remove dust from the office without having to do it manually. The new tech helps his team members to become much more productive and office work flow improves due to better moods as a result of office cleanliness.


At Tammy’s house things are typically kept pretty clean but she never seems to find time to dust and vacuum her floors. There’s just too many things to do around the house and her husband and she work during the day so it’s hard to set aside a day for the floors. They tried to use a roomba but it kept getting stuck against stairs and in doorways because of the ridges between rooms. Eventually they decided to invest in an ambia to combat the dust and improve their air quality and now their rooms are dust free and the house is much cleaner so they invite people over much more often.

The future is cleaner air for everyone.

Our team

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Kenneth Jang

Kenneth Jang

Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen