Mission Statement

Sound Booze has a mission to give individuals a full experience of “music with a buzz”. We aim to go beyond the initial thought process of drinking to get drunk and incorporate it to enhance your song choice experience.
Our target audience is 21+ within the music scene. We want to advocate a feel of music within venues large and small as well as the comfort of your own home. This is why we have different models for our product. One for masses of people inside of clubs and music venues as well as your own in-house mixing set.


What this device will allow you to do is get a truly immersive experience with both drinking and the music you are listening too. It will let you taste the music that you are listening too. With just a touch of a button it will listen to the music that is playing and create a drink unique to the artist that is playing. It will determine the type of drink from the type of music that is playing. If you are listening to jazz it will create a drink such as a moscow mule or if you are listening to pop it will create something along the lines of a tequila sunrise and everything in between. The possibilities are endless.

User Experiences

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Sound Booze Home

You are at a dinner party with all your closest friends. The music is calming and you want a drink that accuratly matches the mood of the party. This model will create the cocktail that perfectly goes with the setting. You can get drinks such as a wine or a mojito then tells you if it needs any added flare such as fruit or other adornments.

Sound Booze Pro

Imagine you are at your favorite club and they are playing intense EDM music. What kind of drink would you want for this kind of setting. A beer would not be enough for what you ar feeling. This type of setting will have this model create something more along the lines of a cocktail such as an AMF or a Long Island ice tea.

Differences Between Models

The Sound Booze Home is about the size of a keg. It includes a single tap that is connected to a blender right behind it. It includes 25 tubes to fill with the alcohol and spirits of your choosing. You can also input what ingredients you have put into it so it can create the drinks using what you have.

The Sound Booze Pro is made specifically for bars and clubs. It can be sized to the specification of your bar. You can choose the amount of taps and tubes that are included with the device.

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Sound Booze Home

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Sound Booze Pro

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