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What is ZEP?

When the day goes by too quickly, and you haven’t finished your work, enjoyed a loved one’s company, or even made a dent in that one book you started last month that just sits there on your nightstand, a certain thought comes to mind: “If only there were more hours in the day...” Thanks to inventors and designers, Lozano and Hassouneh, a solution has been created, ZEP.

Our Mission

Zep was created to provide put more zest, efficieny, and possibility in our lives. As an alternative to sleep, it also remedies tiredness. Using ZEP, people no longer have to worry about catching up on their nightly rest while maintaning a full, and busy life or simply for the purpose of feeling rested. Sleep is now a choice. Use of this product is not limited to gender, and is open to all ages, whether they are elderly, middle-aged, young adults, teenagers, children, toddlers or even infants.



Our company’s goal is to provide a smart alternative to sleep in order to help individuals feel better physically, become more productive in their desired area, as well as find more time in the day as needed.

Ergonomic, collapsable, light-weight, and easily transportable, Zep is designed to be convenient. It is made up three parts: the physical body of the (adjustable) headpiece, the (light-cancelling) projected force field that covers the head, and the Zep bracelet that measures the the user's heartbeat.

How it Works

Zep is a device that a person wears, which comes into contact with their head, receiving and sending micro-signals to the brain telling it to sleep. While the body is asleep, it rests as if in a hyper sleep mode. This device proceeds to accelerate the brain into the deep, slow-wave sleep cycle that our bodies undergo while asleep naturally.

The headpiece, along with the bracelet measure brain acitivity and the users heart rate (BPM). Information is recorded and accessible using the Zep mobile app, where they can set timers, schedules, and monitor their use. With each use, the data is recorded and available for review.

Checkout our website on 483e.com, where all of your personal information is recorded. Monitor your results weekly, and keep track of your history.

Use the Zep application on your mobile device to view all recorded data, as well as customize settings to your personal prefences, such as adding your own personal schedule.

View Our Mobile Prototype


Name: Ali
Age: 12 yrs old

He is a dedicated student, and loves to participate in extracurricular acitivities offered at school, such as being part of the soccer team and yearbook club. Unfortunately, Ali has a sleep disorder that often makes him feel restless at night, thus causing him to miss the crucial hours of sleep and rest that he needs to grow.

As soon as his parents became aware of Zep, Ali has been able to refresh his entire system as if he had a full nights rest, or his parents may choose to keep him in a stable resting state throughout the night. Ali is now able to focus on his studies, as well as fully be able to be a valuable team player for the soccer team.

Name: Jenna Age: 32 yrs old

Typically, Jenna works long hours, most nights, and even weekends to ensure that she is able to finish her work and manage her team properly. Every Friday evening after work, she is completely exhausted from the routine of the work week and she collapses on her living room couch to catch up on some sleep.

Using Zep, Jenna has now become much more efficient at work, and even visibly more happy and relaxed. After work, she now has time to exercise at her local gym to maintain fitness, have a coffee with a coworker, or even have dinner and catch a movie with a loved one. Bedtime is a decision she makes now to pass the time.





ZEP works for anyone who is in need of the energy, and rest that a normal full night’s worth of sleep brings. Individuals who experience trouble getting sufficient rest at night due to an inability to actually fall asleep, but still suffer from tiredness throughout the day, find this product most useful.


Meet Leah Hassouneh

Leah is 25 years old, and a Graphic Design major at CSUF, and expecting to graduate in December 2018. She is a huge animal lover, but more than anything she loves cats! Aside from making art, in her free time you'll catch her spending time with friends and family, hiking, and even binge-watching her favorite shows.

Meet Marilu Lozano

Marilu is 23 years old, and also a student at CSUF expecting to graduate December 2018 with a degree in Drawing and Painting, as well as Graphic Design. She is a friend to the animals, with a special love for huskies! Marilu's hobbies include watching anime and gaming as well, whether it be virtual or board games.